Best Pop Up Tent In 2024 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best pop up tent

Too busy. Tired of working in the office. Really want to go camping with your family but setting up your shelter makes you afraid? In this case, a pop-up tent will be the best choice for you.

Pop-up tents are too familiar to you, right?. You also can call it: instant tents. Besides the outstanding benefit – easy setting, now pop-up tents are larger, lighter, sturdier, more durable after having improved for a long time. Moreover, most of them are made from waterproof material to help you have a good camping time.

Quality is enhanced with many kinds of pop-up tents that give you lots of selection. But, what kind of tent is the best for you?

Don’t worry. We understand your anxiety and that is the reason for this article. The hard work we will do for you and the research also. After many times of considering, in this article we have collected top 10 tents for you. We hope that the tents below can meet your needs from small tents for couples, families, teams to larger tents for big group shelters, camp activities in any season.

Our Pop Up Tent Picks

* Best crossover pop up tent for camping & backpacking: Coleman Sundome Tent

* Best family pop up tent: ABCCANOPY Pop up Canopy Tent

* Best overall pop up tent: Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent

* Best pop up tent for beach: Abco Sport 2 Person Instant Pop-up Tent

* Best pop up tent for car camping: Leader Accessories Pop-Up Canopy Tent

* Unique pop up tent with vestibule & separate rooms: HUI LINGYANG 6 Person Easy Pop Up Tent

* Best 1-person pop up tent: TETON Sports Pop-Up Tent

* Best pop up tent with sidewalls: Eurmax USA 10'x10' Ez Pop-up Canopy Tent

Pop Up Tent Comparison Table

Pop Up Tent Reviews

Below is the best pop up tent list that our team took time and effort to test and review. Hopefully, you can choose a good tent for your need.

1. Coleman Sundome Tent

If you are looking for a kind of tent that is affordable and suitable for your family, the Coleman Sundome Tent is made for you. The outstanding feature of the Coleman Sundome Tent is simplicity not only in the setting but also in design. Pitching a tent will be easier than ever with a single dome door and vented roof.

Pay attention to rainfly, it is a little bit complicated to tie down. The tent floor is quite good in this price range. Actually, you will sleep on a floor as a tarp made of relatively cheap polyethene material.

When experiencing it, everything is ok except for some problem with opening the door. Nevertheless, it's ok if you buy it for couple or family camping because it's quite light and large with 9.8 lbs and 63 sq ft.

The basic design is the advantage of this tent. As we see, it has separate durable carry bags for poles, stakes and tents. It's convenient for you to bring it to a far camping site. However, the Sundome Dome is good for a short trip not for a long trip because no vestibules, and thick, warm materials used throughout won't give you high comfort.

Although the minimum height is not highly appreciated, this tent is fixed well in the wind thanks to low width and includes guylines. We recommend that if you camp in wind conditions you should pack extra stakes and rope or guy lines to make the tent steady for a long time.

Note for tent materials and setting place and ensure that it isn't torn or punctured to keep you dry . Additionally, adjustable Variflo ventilation controls air flow and a vented Cool-Air port will ventilate the air well and keep you dry.

As the name of the tent, you will follow the way Coleman put up a tent. Users don't use grommets as usual, they attach a pin on every corner that slides inside the pole instead. 5 minutes and 43 seconds is the time you may spend pitching up a tent thanks for the no-frills approach. Too fast and easy, right?


  • Reasonable price to access many customers
  • Good ventilation and waterproof materials keep you dry, even when there is moderate rain
  • Easy instruction to follow
  • thumbs-up
    Easy to set up based on simple design


  • Mesh side can make your tent chilly if you go camping in winter or in wind conditions
  • No vestibule, so you must share the space for your gear

2. ABCCANOPY Pop up Canopy Tent

Are you looking for a pop-up tent to go on a picnic with your team? Why don't you try ABCCANOPY Pop Up Canopy? Up to 10 people and four standard tables are the maximum it can hold up.

You see a perfect place for camp but it's too hot. No problem, the ABCCANOPY Pop Up Canopy with a silver-coated canvas rated UPF +50 will tackle it for you. As the producer introduces, it is waterproof but under heavy rain, we haven't ever had a chance to try it.

You know the pop-up tent is famous for its easy setting and the ABCCANOPY Canopy Tent isn't the exception. The total time for you to prepare and pitch up a tent doesn't exceed 10 minutes as usual.

To ensure your tent can bear the wind condition, you should bring with you some items for many kinds of tent. However, the ABCCANOPY Pop-Up Canopy is available for you. The sandbags that are set up with the tent can help your tent stand with winds of up to 50 mph.

This tent is appropriate for going camping by car. With the area of 100 sq, that means the equipment is relatively big and heavy (40 lbs). Don't worry. It's easy for you to keep it by its 5.5 x 0.75 ft wheeled carrying bag. We recommend that you should choose a vehicle that has more space to avoid problems arising. This tent is durable, the warranty is also good for a one-year limited factory warranty.


  • Healthy and safe for you by durable PU and UV blocker material build
  • Super easy to pitch up and take down


  • The top is good to protect users from harmful sunlight but not for heavy rain (drizzling rain is fine)

3. Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent

Just 10 seconds to set up the Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent. Unbelievable, right? However, this tent has pre-assembled poles and popping them immediately isn't difficult. The speciality of this tent is the material: 185T 68D polyester. Thanks to it the tent can be weatherproof and flame-retardant.

The taped floor seams will keep you dry. Now, camping on wet surfaces is not a big problem. The rainfly in various positions can help your tent be ventilated perfectly and ensure protection also. The inverted seams are improved to be wind-responsive and stronger.

The weather-resistant fabric of the zipper cuff can give you more protection from harsh weather. Besides, welding-inspired technology for the tent floor help it improve strength and water resistance.


  • Surprisingly durable for its weight
  • Excellent waterproof keep you high and dry
  • Weatherproof and flame-retardant material


  • Just good for warm camping
  • The space is enough for 2 person

4. Abco Sport 2 Person Instant Pop-up Tent

After a long time searching and experiencing to review, we see that The ABCO Sport Automatic Instant Tent is the cheapest tent on my list. Despite being built at a low price, we are impressed by some wonderful features below.

You can set up the tent easily. Just open the bag and unfold the tent fold and your tent is completed in minutes. If you don't bring guy rope with you this tent is also rigid enough for temporary shelter.

You know, at a reasonable price, it isn't designed for any purpose except usual camping. It's ok if you just want to have a nap when camping in good weather. Think carefully if using it for a camping holiday because it isn't waterproof.

The double door is an outstanding feature of this tent. You can go out easily and don't affect your friend. Especially, when you need to answer your phone call.

The ventilation system of the ABCO Sport Automatic Instant Tent will surprise you. Two of the entrances are equipped with mesh screens that make you comfortable in hot weather. You can close off all the openings easily when you want to be private.

Note that you should use it in good weather and in a short time. Consider before buying it when you camp regularly.


  • Double doors give you convenience
  • Mesh windows with good ventilation
  • Simple design help you set up and take down easily
  • thumbs-up
    Economical for a short camping


  • Limit use in many weather conditions
  • Quite small for 2 person

5. Leader Accessories Pop-Up Canopy Tent

The Leader Accessories Pop Up Shelter is quite large and suitable for group or team camping due to its 100 sq and holds up to 12 individuals standing and 8-10 seated. You'll likewise get extra UV protection because the Leader Accessories Pop Up Shelter is 50+ UV rated.

They additionally added vents to the top for better air circulation, notwithstanding the material's waterproofing. Generally, this is a huge, waterproof and very much ventilated tent ready to perform well against severe weather. However, without sidewalls, the tent doesn't guarantee that it will be dry inside when it downpours.

The Leader Accessories Pop-Up Tent can endure up to 40 mph wind blasts, however just when the blockades are introduced. You can cut the wind strength down in half assuming you use the sandbags. With tents of this size, equipment might be unsteady when the weather conditions get blustery, yet most 10 x 10 tents can tolerate upping against windy days.

Thanks to 210D polyester it will be good for years, the supported plastic center point at the center and shaped joints. The skates are added and straps are tied down for stability. The powder covered legs are an outstanding feature, and you can add to the tent's general strength by maintaining and using it carefully. Make sure to constantly store it in its carry pack while dry to protect it and keep it off the rust.

It weighs just 42.1 lbs, and snuggles inside its carrying bag with no problem. It measures 49″ x 8″ x 9″ when packed, so you don’t need to reconsider normal storage options like a regular car trunk. Again, the carrying bag is wheeled and carry-on, so you can just roll it or carry it backpack-style.


  • Carry bag with wheels help you transport and storage easily
  • Ventilate well by vented top
  • Powder-coated rust-resistant steel frame allows extended durability
  • thumbs-up
    Quite heavy, which has its advantages during a storm


  • The wire stakes are fixed well in firm soil but not in sand or other loose material
  • The tarp cover cannot shed water well and the frame may fail if enough water accumulates

6. HUI LINGYANG 6 Person Easy Pop Up Tent

It's been a long time since you were busy with your work. You choose a good weather day to camp with your family. You've got a rainfly and you just want a large and durable tent. In this case, the Hui Lingyang tent is created for you. 190T polyester is the material made tent that helps it prevent wind and tear resistance.

However, if you use it in rain, whether it is heavy or not, you must have a tarp to cover it. It's quite inconvenient, so it's advisable not to use it in the rain. It's very easy to set up, even it opens pretty much as soon as you take it out of the carry bag. Just a few minutes ready to use.

One thing you will like with regards to this tent is the great ventilation. There are two entryways, which will permit the tent to ventilate in a few minutes. What's more, there are enormous mesh windows that let you get outside air without really leaving the tent. Last but not least, the three base vents take additional ventilation, and they assist in avoiding condensation.

One more wonderful thing about these tents is that they have a vestibule. This is a great design since it permits you to have space for your gear, without really carrying it into the spot where you will rest. Furthermore, there's likewise a capacity sack inside for the main items, as well as a light hook at the top.


  • An big vestibule is incredible for putting away setting up camp hardware and messy boots
  • Big mesh windows alongside rooftop and ground vents permit hot air to escape while keeping the bugs out
  • An E-port allows you to run a power string inside your tent
  • thumbs-up
    Two pockets and a lantern hook allow you to keep little items nearby


  • It's not waterproof
  • It's quite difficult to fit a queen mattress

7. TETON Sports Pop-Up Tent

The TETON Sports Quick Tent is a lightweight, easy-to-transport popup shelter that will make your camping and hiking experiences a blast. One of those essential necessities is a good shelter.

This tent is designed for just one person and is small enough to set up quickly. Simply roll it out, secure the poles, and pull the drawstring, and you're done! You're all set for the evening. A two-person version of this pop-up design is also available.

Its typical waterproof rainfly provides all of the rain protection you want. Even better, when using this tent with a cot, the Elite rainfly (available separately) stretches to the ground, providing complete protection from the elements.

You can enjoy a wonderful view of the stars without having to leave your tent thanks to its full mesh top. But the best aspect is that you won't have to worry about bugs getting into your tent, which is a huge plus.

With a lightweight design that makes mobility a joy and a weight of about 5 pounds, you can take it on almost any journey without worry.


  • Set up easily
  • Rainfly protects against rain
  • Zipper closure is convenient for using
  • thumbs-up
    Dome design gives you a roomy interior


  • Lacking detailed instruction
  • The Gazelle tent doesn't have a tarp floor

8. Gazelle Tents 22272 T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub Tent

With a rapid set-up, a high waterproof rating, two doors, and six windows, the Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop up Portable Camping Hub Tent is a one-of-a-kind product on the market.

This is a one-of-a-kind construction, a patent-pending pop-up tent. To set up this tent, we only take 90 seconds, which is a reasonable timeframe. Even though there is an additional part like a fly that must be attached separately and you will add a few minutes to the setup time, this is a tent that is remarkably easy to set up.

This is a cabin-style tent that is quite tall, with a peak height of at least 78 inches (198 cm). So this is a stand-up height, but observe that the walls are more or less vertical, or are angled outwards, making the tent quite pleasant and spacious.

The tent's wonderful atmosphere is greatly enhanced by its six fascinating windows and two unusually designed doors. All of these apertures are double-layer structures with mesh and panels, ensuring that you are completely protected from insects and the elements. Another interesting feature is that the floor may be removed.

Although the tent is self-supporting, stakes and guy lines are included, so make sure you stake it appropriately. Although it appears to be difficult to set up, it is simple. The mushroom-like shape of the tent is created by the rainfly and its incorporated poles.

The wall material is an extremely durable 210D Oxford Weave shell with a waterproof rating of 2000 mm, and the rain fly is removable. The floor is also made of polyester, but it's 300D Oxford Weave, which is even more robust and has a 5000 mm waterproof certification.


  • Setup was a breeze
  • High ceilings give you convenience
  • Lightweight


  • It doesn't have vents
  • It's quite long to packed

9. Eackrola 2/4-Person-Tent, Instant Pop up Tent for Camping

Quick setting up tent: Take out the tent, open the bundle, unstrap the tent, toss it in the air. It can open itself quickly. Don't need to bumble with shafts or long and difficult instructions.

This tent is suitable for 3 to 4 people with a sleeping bag. The tent floor is 9.2' x 7' feet giving you relatively large space. Height n3.9' feet, huge mesh windows on the left and right sides release hot air to escape while avoiding the bugs. Ground vents offer extra ventilation to keep cool on a hot evening.

The Pop-up tent is crease taped for 100 per cent sewing lines. It doesn't drop water while being under the heavy rain. Furthermore, the tent is strong enough to prevent 30mph wind after being fixed by ropes and stakes.

With 2 enormous FRONT entryways and REAR hooded vents, 4 zipper configuration network windows on the left and right sides, it isn't deniable that this tent is ventilated well. There are double panels for windows and entryways, which permits either side to be totally open.

The mesh material helps hot air escape while keeping little things out. You also can close with the nylon door for absolute protection. The windows have side zippers, allowing you to zipper in the tent without getting out the tent.

The package of the Eackrola 3-4 person pop up tent includes one 36" X 36" X 2" inch carry bag, one instruction, four guy ropes, eight stakes, one-year warranty and good client care.


  • Simple to convey/store
  • Simple to set up and pack up
  • Satisfactory ventilation
  • thumbs-up
    Waterproof and windproof
  • thumbs-up
    Tough material
  • thumbs-up
    Being sealed perfectly (seams)


  • The top portion is not mesh, you can't see the sky

10. Eurmax USA 10'x10' Ez Pop-up Canopy Tent

Our highest recommended canopy is the 10’x10’ EZ Pop-Up produced by Eurmax. It is popular throughout the countries due to its huge amount of features and accessories. Additionally, plenty of designs gives you lots of selection to get one tent that suits your outdoor space. That is the reason why the Eurmax tent is always the best choice for campers.

The frame is steady and firm. Besides, a thumb latch system comes with a frame that makes it really easy to take apart and put back together. The Eurmax tent is durable thanks to the rust-resistant frame.

The fabric is another positive feature of this product. Its waterproof material will make you surprised with the water resistance up to 100%. Not only materials but also the seams can give you that. It's no doubt the water won't drip in your area. With the perfect sun protection, it can give both 99% UV protection and a sun protection factor of 50+ on hot days.


  • Extra accessories include stakes, ropes, weight bags, a roller bag
  • Fire retardant design for extra safety
  • Easy, quick-locking design
  • thumbs-up
    High-quality material offering sun protection
  • thumbs-up
    Includes four removable and optional walls


  • Can't stand with heavy rain
  • The plastic on the bottom is quite brittle
  • The plastic on the bottom of the pole cracked

How To Choose The Best Pop Up Tent

best pop up tent

Depending on your needs, there are different types of tents to suit a variety of requirements.

In this buying guide, we’ll introduce several tent designs for your choice.

1. Practical Utility

One of the first features you need to think of when choosing a product in general is its easy use. A pop-up tent as its name is super-easy to handle. Just throw it up to the air and wait for it to shape in. The most convenient is that you do not need to find places to set up a tangle of tent poles, which saves you numerous time to enjoy your trip.

If you want to move your tent to another position, you should learn to control a good set of tent stakes. One important note is you’d better purchase tent stakes instead of using the compacted one in the set as they are less reliable than the separate ones that can easily be found on the online market with a reasonable price.

However, to avoid any troubles during your camping time such as breakdown, we best advise you to read the guidelines or watch instructional videos on websites or Youtube carefully before heading for the trip.

2. Size and Weight

Another concern is size and weight. We’re sure you don’t want to take such a heavy and oversized tent to go camping.

To determine the size of the tent, you can base on how many people or items you expect it to hold. There are all sizes for your purpose. Smaller ones are cheaper, and of course easier to move and store, but limited the number of items and people while the larger tent sizes give you more shelter yet higher in price and difficult to set up and transport.

One tip you should keep in mind is always use the tent that can meet requirements of at least one more person than needed since it provides you with more room for unexpected items. For instance, if you travel alone, it’d better you choose the tent for two, and if you intend to travel with another one, it’s wiser you buy one that fits for three.

In terms of weight, you just remember some crucial things: your venture and the weather condition. Suppose the area you camp is a remote area and the weather might be a bit severe with strong wind and light showers, you should consider the heavier tent. But if you go out on a sunny day with a light breeze, a light tent is a better choice.

3. Ventilation

Another vital factor you should check before buying your camping tent is its ventilation. Pop-up tents are mainly used during summer time, so you are probably concerned about the air circulation. In other words, make sure you choose a tent with fresh air circulation rather than a hot and stuffy one.

A small tip for you to choose an ideal tent is to look for a tent with big windows or the modern ventilation system inside that allows clean and fresh air to go through.

4. Waterproof

Although you can check the weather forecast and tent to go on a trip on rather perfect weather conditions, who knows the weather could change unexpectedly or sometimes it’s your preference to go on a rather harsh day. 

Not to mention, many incidents can happen on the way that we cannot anticipate, so the exposure to water is sometimes undeniable. Therefore, it’s best you buy a waterproof one or you can waterproof it yourself with the help of some material or tools you can easily purchase online.

5. Design

Design is another criteria you may look for when finding a proper tent. Normally a tent includes an interior sleeping area and a vestibule. Depending on your purpose, such as for family or couple, you can find a wide range of designs that suit your needs.

There are numerous products with multiple designs for you to choose whether you are students, workers, young or old people, you completely find a suitable one among a series of them. You can check out some references on the internet about the colors or trending designs if you are an ever-updating kind of guy.

6. Lifespan

Last but not least, the ability to withstand the test of time is hugely important! Weigh between your budget and your purpose seriously before picking up a new tent. If you only want to travel a one-day trip to a favorable weather spot and you don’t have much expense for it, just go for the cheap and small tent.

Yet, your requirement is much higher, for instance, a long journey to a far-flung land, you should opt for a more durable one with tougher price. In the latter case, that’s worth considering some famous brands to make sure you won’t encounter any problems with your tent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

best pop up tent

1. How do I know about the suitable design for myself?

2. What size tent should I choose?

3. Are there any disadvantages when setting up the pop-up tent?


A pop-up tent is such an easy option for your trip regardless of whether you're adults or teenagers or even babies and toddlers as long as the weather is good enough. Also, diverse designs and sizes can meet your multiple purposes. Pop-up tents are considered the number one choice for not only family members but couples, friends or even alone campers.

Check out the list for the best pop-up tents of this year and you will find your destiny! But before purchasing any item, it’s wiser to read through our guidelines above.

Wish you a wonderful camping trip!


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