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Hiking and backpacking have never failed to capture wanderlusts’ attention. If you are new to hiking and backpacking, don’t miss out on our article as it is all about hiking and backpacking tips.

how to fix heel slippage in boots

How To Fix Heel Slippage In Boots (Update 2021) – Know It Here!

Shoes should be comfortable and wearing them should not cause you any hassles or troubles, but heel slippage can sometimes cause some problems and wearing your shoes might become a cumbersome process. To prevent this...
what is trekking

What Is Trekking? The Difference Between Hiking And Trekking

Many people use hiking and trekking as words with the same meaning. They get confused with what is trekking and refer to it as hiking, or vice versa. There is mixing and matching with these two...
best european countries for hiking

The Best European Countries For Hiking | Check Out The Gorgeous Trails

If you’re looking for some of the best and most beautiful hikes on the planet, we’d refer you to this video we put up a little while back. It’s an alluring video showcasing gorgeous...
what are gaiters

What Are Gaiters and Is It A Must-Have Item For Hikers? Let’s Find Out!

Discovering the world has never been an outdated trend for people all around the world, especially the youngsters. Nowadays, there are various types of traveling and outdoor activities to satisfy the high demand of...
chaco vs teva

Teva vs Chaco: Which One Should You Buy? Let’s Find Out!

Discovering the world is a hot – trend concept which lures loads of adventurous and dynamic youngsters. Nowadays, the young generation prefers traveling around the world and discovering the unique beauty and attractiveness of...
keen vs merrell

Keen Vs Merrell: Which Is A Better Choice?

If you are looking for hiking shoes, chances are you have heard about two prominent brands in the market, namely Keen and Merrell. When I browsed through different forums and opinion boards on the...
barefoot hiking

Barefoot Hiking Tips & Benefits – All You Need To Know!

Barefoot hiking has generated quite a buzz among outdoor enthusiasts lately. Some hikers quickly became smitten with this unusual trend of hiking, while others expressed doubt and disapproval of going completely shoeless. Although barefoot hiking...
what is thru hiking

What Is Thru Hiking? Thru Hiking vs Backpacking! All You Need To Know

For the past couple of years, hiking has grown to become a favorite activity among young people. Some people think of hiking as a way of soul searching while others view hiking as a...
solo backpacking

Solo Backpacking: The Definitive Guide (Updated 2021)

Solo backpacking is something many people never even think of. But, it can be extremely rewarding and the ideal way for you to explore the world on your own, without having to make compromises...
raise kids love hiking

How To Raise Your Kids To Love Hiking

In this day and age, it might be quite a challenging task to instill some love for the outdoors in your kids, particularly if you live in a large metropolitan area (a big city)...

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