5 Best Sunshades For Beach 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best sunshades for beach

One of the best things about any beach trip during summer is that you get to enjoy the ocean breeze, the white sandy beach, and the crystal clear waters. However, there’s one universal concern for beach lovers everywhere: that’s the constant sunshine that may not be as pleasant as you think.

As you all know too well, the UV radiation from the sun can cause serious damage to the skin, and perpetual sun exposure can be unquestionably harmful.

So next time you head to the beach, consider bringing along a sunshade to enjoy your beach trip fully. But how do you choose the best sunshades for beach? Our buyer’s guide below will walk you through essential tips on choosing the best sunshades out there while offering expert-picked recommendations for the best sunshades for the beach so that you can quickly decide for yourself.

How To Choose The Best Sunshades For Beach

best sunshades for beach

When it comes to camping by the beach, nothing can come in handier than a sun shelter. If you are still new to the whole concept of sunshades or sun shelters, don’t worry. Think of a sunshade as a beach tent that you put up when you go camping on the beach.

The key purpose of a sunshade is to keep you away from getting sunburnt or having your skin damaged by constant sun exposure. Thus, a sunshade is a pretty useful item for any beach trip.

Some people may argue that a sunshade is not always necessary, as you can always put on sunscreen to prevent damage from the sun. However, even the best sunscreens won’t be about to protect you for long, and after a couple of hours the sunscreen effect will wear off, and you’ll risk having your skin burned and fried under the sun.

So, the only question that is left to ask is, how do you choose the best sunshades among a bunch of available sunshades on sale out there? There are a couple of factors you must keep in mind when looking for the right sunshade for your trip. Depending on your needs and resources, you can base your buying decision on the factors below.

1. Types of sunshades

When it comes to sunshades for the beach, you may be surprised to learn that there’s more than just one type. In fact, there are 3 types of sunshades, namely the beach tent style, the cabana-style and the umbrella-style sun shelters.

The name of each type more or less describes the looks and style of the sunshade, and depending on what you plan to do and who you travel with, you can choose the suitable style that best meets your needs.

For example, for a large group of people, a cabana-style sun shelter is a great idea. If you want better coverage or if you camp with children, you may want to consider buying a beach tent style sunshade. The umbrella style sunshade, on the other hand, offers minimum coverage and is only suitable for a single person.

2. Sun protection

The most important use of a sun shelter is to protect you from the sun. Therefore, you should first check the materials of any sunshades for their UV protection capacity. Will the sunshade be able to block the harmful sunrays?

There are a couple of sunshades that come with highly transparent and see-through materials, which makes it uncomfortable to sit under the sunshade. High-quality sunshades will offer sun protection of up to SPF 50++, so any sunshade with such indicators is a decent choice.

3. Materials

The second thing to consider is the materials of the sunshade. A good sunshade is invariably made of durable and elastic materials such as Lycra so that you can stretch out the canopy without causing unwanted damage. The poles of the sunshade should be rust-proof as well.

The fabrics should be foldable for easy storage. Ideally, look for sunshades with waterproof and wind resistant features as they will hold up better on the windy beach.

The materials of the sunshade will have a great impact on its durability and portability, so if you do not want to end up with a useless piece of junk, you’d better inspect the materials including the fabrics, the anchors, and the poles carefully.

4. Easy to assemble

The third thing for you to consider is whether the sunshade is user-friendly enough to be used. Nothing ruins a beach trip more than having to struggle with setting up your beach tent. Does the sunshade come with any instruction?

Normally, a sunshade can be set up with either sandbag anchors or rock anchors so that you can use your sunshade on a stoned beach as well. Some sunshades can take forever to assemble and disassemble, so if you are not especially good with setting things up, go for those with easy-to-understand assembling instructions.

5. Shading capacity

The capacity of the sunshade is important as well, as most sunshades come in different sizes – the standard size for one or two people and big size for more than 2 people. So depending on the number of people in your group or your trip purpose, you can choose the size of the sunshade accordingly.

Some sunshades are large enough to provide complete shelter from the sun even when you are lying down while some are not stretchy enough for one or two people. If you are going to camp by the beach with your family, you are advised to opt for the really large size of sunshade to be safe.

Best Sunshades For Beach 2020 Reviews

If you are looking for a quick buy, then you should check out our top picks below. Each sunshade included here is one of the best selling sunshades on the market, and we have thoroughly weighed all the pros and cons of each product so that you’d have an idea of what to expect.

As far as camping shelters are concerned, this sunshade from Otentik is an outstanding option. This microfiber sunshade is made from eco-friendly Italian sports fabric with a UPF of 50, which makes it super lightweight.

Whether you are planning for a party in your backyard or camping by the beach, you won’t go wrong with this exotic made-in-Israel sunshade.


  • The sunshade is lightweight and easily adjustable by moving the poles
  • The sunshade can withstand strong winds if properly set up
  • The fabric itself is well made and durable


  • The poles are flimsy and prone to rust
  • You will need to fill the bags with lots and lots of sand to put up the sunshade
  • It may take quite a long time to set up the sunshade properly

If you are looking for a relatively large sunshade that can accommodate a big group of people, then this Suricata Sunshade is a fantastic choice. The sunshade itself will shield you and your family from the sun with its UPF50 UV Protection canopy.

To make sure that the sunshade is secured to the ground, the manufacturer designs this fabulous sunshade with four poles instead of two and four sandbag anchors.

The poles are made from aluminum, which means better stability and durability. So get ready to grab your Suricata Sunshade and head to the beach and prepare yourself for a relaxing time lying on the sand without having to worry about getting sunburnt. Sounds terrific, doesn’t it?


  • The Suricata Sunshade can accommodate a large group of people or offer enough shade for people lying down
  • It comes with four aluminum poles, which makes it firm and stable in moderate windy situations
  • The Suricata Sunshade is made from stretchable lycra/polyester fabric, which makes it durable yet lightweight and compact at the same time
  • thumbs-up
    The sunshade comes with a waterproof carry bag
  • thumbs-up
    The sunshade is easy to handle and set up


  • The sunshade requires frequent adjustments in the wind
  • The fabric doesn’t completely block the sun, and you’ll feel the heat under the canopy

This Neso Tent Sunshade is undoubtedly a favorite among beachgoers for many reasons. First off, the Neso Sunshade works well in protecting you from the sun with its nylon/lycra blend fabric and rust-proof aluminum poles.

The sunshade itself offers an SPF of 50+, so you won’t have to be concerned about sun exposure. Secondly, this Neso Sunshade can be anchored with either rocks or sand, which makes it easier for you to set it up and enjoy yourselves.


  • The sunshade is well made with high-quality stretchy materials and rust-proof poles
  • The sunshade is incredibly lightweight and portable
  • The sunshade stands up fairly well in windy conditions
  • thumbs-up
    It can be used on rocky beaches


  • You’ll need to look through the instructions carefully to set up the sunshade successfully
  • The sunshade needs readjustments to the wind direction to stay up in the wind

Prepare yourself for loads of fun at the beach with this Happy Summer Sunshade. Designed to protect you from the sun and the wind, this Happy Summer Sunshade is yet another fabulous option for outdoor activities.

Though this sunshade seems more pricey than the ones mentioned above, you’ll get to enjoy more exciting features including high-quality Lycra fabric which is waterproof, wind resistant and sand resistant.

You can pop up this beach tent by filling in 4 sandbags which act as anchors for the tent to stay up. This beach tent offers generous room by the way so that you and your friends can comfortably curl up under the shade. The sunshade also goes with 4 free plastic stakes and a drawstring storage bag, so if you are thinking about camping by the beach or even romantic camping, go for this awesome sunshade.


  • The sunshade is made of high quality and durable materials that are machine washable
  • The sunshade provides sufficient shade for a family of two adults and kids
  • The sunshade is lightweight, easy to assemble and later fold for storage
  • thumbs-up
    The sunshade is quite stable in moderate winds


  • The sunshade does not come with instructions, so you’ll need to check for online tutorials on how to set it up
  • It is not recommended to set up this sunshade on a stoned beach
  • The sandbags can be a bit tricky to tie and attach

Claiming itself as the perfect sunshade, this ZiggyShade Sunshade for beach offers plenty of appealing features. The ZiggyShadeis made from strong and elastic quality Lycra fabric, so it’s highly stretchy and durable. The material offers UV protection of up to UPF 50+, so you and your family will be safe from the solar radiation.

This sunshade employs sandbags as anchors, and to adjust the shade; you can simply relocate the sandbags or move the poles as you wish. Moreover, the manufacturer offers four corner pegs for free, which provides you with an alternative way to pop up the sunshade apart from the sandbags. This sunshade is relatively lightweight and portable enough to be carried everywhere.


  • This sunshade is surprisingly light and compact – so no problem dragging it along
  • The materials are high quality, stretchable, wind resistant and sturdy
  • The sunshade can hold up well in moderately high winds


  • The sandbag cords are a bit difficult to handle at first as they are prone to get tangled up
  • The poles are quite flimsy and not rust-proof
  • The fabric is not water-proof, but it will dry quickly

Final Thoughts

With a good sunshade, your trip to the beach will be much more comfortable and relax than you’d ever imagine. You can say goodbye to bulky umbrellas or rented beach chairs as soon as you get a hold on one of the amazing sunshades above.

We hope that the buyer’s guide has been helpful for you in finding the best sunshades for beach. For me, the Otentik Beach SunShade is definitely the winner. Reward yourself with a good one and have a blast at your next beach trip!

best sunshades for beach


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