Is Polyester Warm, Does Polyester Keep You Warm? (Obviously!)

does polyester keep you warm

Polyester is one of the most used fabrics we find in clothing today. Polyester can be a good affordable way to mass produce clothing for the market, but it is also used as a synthetic filling in outdoor items like sleeping bags and even a few sleeping pads.

In outdoor equipment, one might think that down will be much better-suited for the colder environments, but polyester is also known for keeping you relatively warm and also keeping you dry.

Since many of you might be planning your outdoor trips and vacations, buying the right clothing and equipment will be essential. We have decided to look at polyester as a fabric in clothing and in outdoor products to find out: "Does polyester keep you warm?".

Does Polyester Keep You Warm?

In short, the answer is yes, polyester will keep you warm when combined with good other fabrics like wool and cotton. But, polyester can also allow breezes to pass through and keep you cool.

Depending on the quality of the fabric and the purpose the clothing article or outdoor product has been designed for, you will have great multifunctional use from this fabric.

Polyester In Clothing

In clothing, we generally find that polyester is incorporated into winter and summer clothing articles, but most summer clothing is commonly designed from a thinner and more breathable combination of fabrics that will allow air to pass through and leave you with breathability.

Since polyester does not wick the moisture exerted by your body, you will need some combination of cotton to help evacuate sweat and keep you cool during the summer months.

What makes polyester good during the winter months is the fact that it does not wick away the perspiration and the moisture and this will allow heat to build up on the inside and keep you warmer for longer periods of time.

In clothing, polyester is quite a straightforward materials, almost like plastic and you should not expect to have any fancy additions like moisture wicking and breathability in these types of clothing.

While there still are multiple jackets and clothing made from 100% polyester filling, you will notice that cotton or wool has been used on the inside to keep you insulated. Since the polyester does not allow any heat to escape or cold breezes to enter, the cotton or wool lining on the inside will ensure that you do stay warm and fully insulated.

Polyester In Outdoor Products

Polyester is part of the materials used in most synthetic fillings of sleeping bags and even sleeping pads. The polyester is generally combined with some sort of cotton to ensure that the moisture can be wicked away and sweat does not build up and lead to any odor or stain on the materials.

Polyester fibers are also quite straight and when compared to the interlaced cotton fibers of cotton, you will see just exactly why the material does not have any spectacular features on its own.

Once again it is worth noting that polyester should be combined with some materials like cotton or wool in the sleeping bag to ensure that you get the maximum insulating effect that you might be looking for. In the 4 season's sleeping bags, we have seen that polyester is a decent alternative to down.

Polyester will keep you warm when needed, but since the material is lightweight, you will find that you do not feel fully insulated and overheated during the summer months.

Finally, polyester does not fluff in any way shape or form and this does hamper the capabilities of the fiber to keep you warm effectively. The polyester might still allow your heat to escape from time to time, whilst down products will ensure that you are almost always fully insulated and warm.

Should You Choose Polyester Or Down For Outdoor Products?

This question is one of the most common questions that people like to ask. Since polyester is much cheaper than down, it is generally the go to product as a filling for people spending on a budget.

If heat is your number one priority, you will have to consider investing in a down-filled jacket or sleeping bag to keep you warm. Down does fluff much more than polyester and this will ensure that you do stay fully insulated, no matter the temperatures.

We should only mention that down is not waterproof and for the summer months when visiting the tropics, polyester might be your best bet to ensure that your clothing and outdoor sleeping gear is not fully wet and does not take hours to dry out.

Conclusion: Is Polyester Warm?

Polyester is one of the ultimate budget buys that you could make and you will be happy. The fabric is great if you are not really enthusiastic for the outdoors or you only go camping once every few years.

We would highly recommend polyester products to anyone new to the outdoor lifestyle or only doing it occasionally. Down will be better suited for those professional backpackers and camper.

Let us know if you have any further experience with using polyester products whilst camping and how polyester has managed to keep you warm in the winter.

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