Do Ramen Noodles Expire? The Basic Knowledge You Need To Know

do ramen noodles expire

Whether you are preparing for the apocalypse or planning a long journey out into the wilderness, chances are that you must have come across ramen noodles.

Ramen noodles are actually an Asian product that is made from 4 main ingredients and these ingredients will work together to give the noodles such a long shelf life.

Many people claim that ramen noodles cannot go off and that it does not have any expiration date, so we decided to look a little deeper into Ramen noodles and find out if they actually do have an expiry date and what will happen to you if you decide to eat Ramen noodles that have already expired.

Do Ramen Noodles Expire?

The short answer to this question is yes, Ramen noodles will expire over a long period of time and not many people ever have the product long enough to reach the expiry date. Since Ramen noodles are so easy to prepare, it does not stay in the cupboards for too long before someone decides to fix themselves a bowl.

While Ramen noodles do go off after time, they will not become poisonous and you can actually still eat them and nothing will ever happen. This makes them some of the best survivalist food types on the market and many people choose Ramen noodles for this reason.

After personal experience with these noodles and letting a pack go past the expiration date, the only thing we really noticed was the brittleness of the noodles self and the taste becoming staler as it gets older.

Ramen noodles after expiry date will still be fine for you to eat in survival situations. The nutritional value of these noodles will remain the same and depending on if you have overcooked them, you should still have good nutritional carbs and a few vitamins from them.

If you are starving, we highly recommend that eat expired Ramen noodles as they might just save your life.

Why Ramen Noodles Have Such A Long Shelf Life?

do ramen noodles expire

Understanding why Ramen noodles do last almost forever is all in the process of making them and the added ingredients. Ramen noodles should be stored in a location that is cool and dry. Proper storage conditions extend the shelf life of this product.

Ramen noodles do not have anything in them that will spoil the product and the noodles have undergone a good dehydration process in which all the moisture has been removed.

This drying process will ensure that microorganisms cannot grow on the product and it significantly extends the shelf life of the noodles.

Ramen noodles can even be enjoyed uncooked if you are in a life and death situation and they might not be the best tasting without any flavor added, but you will have more nutrients that your body could use since cooking does sometimes let the nutrients die out.

Nutritional Value In Ramen Noodles

If we eat something, especially in survival situations, we do expect some nutritional value to keep us up and going and give us the energy to carry on and push through. Ramen noodles are actually quite high in sodium and this is the reason why you should avoid salt or adding salty foods to the mix.

The sodium in Ramen noodles will be good for you in a survival situation and since sodium does hold back the water in your body, you might find yourself staying hydrated for longer.Some medical experts also associate Ramen noodles with unhealthy living and a bad diet.

This is true and Ramen noodles will not be the best meal that you could eat every day, but eating it once or twice a year in survival situations could certainly save your life and will definitely do more good to your body than bad.

Our Final Verdict About Ramen Noodles

We consider Ramen noodles to be a quintessential survival food that you should definitely look into buying if you are going on a long trip or taking on nature.

Ramen noodles are also a great thing to have in the home and should disaster strike, you will find that this food source could potentially still save your life and keep you from starving.

So in answering the main question at hand, Ramen noodles are great to have and they will go off after some time. Eating expired Ramen noodles will not have any negative effects on your body and you will still be fed, but Ramen noodles are not ideal for living on and you should always consider following a good and healthy diet if you can help it.

Final Thoughts

Experimenting with Ramen noodles was fun, but we are by no means experts in the food and health industry. If you have any expertise in these noodles and testing them, we would like to know what you as an expert say about eating them.

If you have experience with Ramen noodles in survival situations, we would gladly like to hear about them in the comment below.

Thanks for reading this short article and please share this with your friends and help everyone get a better understanding of Ramen noodles and how they work.


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