The Best Camping Cot In 2022 | Review And Ultimate Buying Guide

best camping cot

After a long time of quarantine and a pressure workload, why don’t you go camping for a rest? Do you really want to go, but sleeping directly on the tent floor makes you uncomfortable? A cot that is comfortable as your bed is always the best choice, right?

We understand your expectation. Camping cots are a wonderful sleeping solution because they are both pleasant and portable. Of course, the camping cot just improves your experience and cannot compare with your California King mattress at home but the good feeling it brings to you is undeniable.

Having your camping cot is an ideal choice for you, especially when you are a person who is excited about outdoor activities. No wonderful feeling is better than enjoying the sleep under the stars. There are numerous reasons to sleep on a camping cot and being elevated above the ground is the most advantageous.

As usual, if you go camping in a mountainous area or the bank, the ground beneath your tent is hard or rocky, a camping cot will solve it for you. It also protects you from the cool, damp feeling of the ground.

There are many benefits of camping cots making you confused, so this review is created for you. After a long time to search and experience, we collect a list of 10 best camping cot, the durable and portable features are the top item we consider.

Our Team's Picks

* Portable cot with stable design: REDCAMP Folding Camping Cot

* Best budget camping cot: Coleman Trailhead II Cot

* Best camping cot for car & family camping: Lilypelle Folding Camping Cot

* Best crossover camping cot for indoor & outdoor use: MARCHWAY Ultralight Camping Cot

* Best comfortable camping cot: Coleman Airbed Camping Cot

* Best durable camping cot: OSAGE RIVER Camping Cot

* Compact & easy-to-setup camping cot: ARAER Camping Cot

* Best cot with mattress: Slsy Folding Camping Cot

* Best overall camping cot: TETON Sports Adventurer Camp Cot

* Best camping cot for side sleepers: ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot

Camping Cot Comparison Table

Camping Cot Reviews

Below are the best camping cot list that I took time and effort to test and review. I hope that you can choose a suitable tent for your need.

1. REDCAMP Folding Camping Cot

You want to go camping? You want to experience the feeling of sleeping outside? You are not comfortable when sleeping directly on the floor? Besides, it is quite difficult to select an ideal cot that is suitable for your body. Don’t worry! The Redcamp Folding cot will wash out your anxiety.

The Redcamp Folding cot has up to 10 supporting legs that contribute to a maximum load capacity of approximately 250 pounds. The manufacturer includes non-slip feet on each leg to ensure firm support with no rocking or slipping.

Furthermore, the cot's legs and frame are made of solid, tough steel tubing that is precisely connected to endure folding and unfolding actions. The legs will raise you 15 inches off the ground, keeping you safe from crawling critters and weather conditions.

The top fabric cover is made of oxford polyester with a denier rating of 600. This is the average denier rating for most cot fabrics, but the fabric on this cot is double-layered for added comfort and durability, similar to the feel of a high-quality outdoor backpack. The fabric forms an all-around standardized tightness when all of the cot legs are levelled on the ground.

The Redcamp Folding Cot's overall design promotes portability, but more importantly, ease of use. Its folding action, which requires just under a minute, makes packing a breeze. This is unquestionably beneficial to mobility. At only 14.7 pounds, there is no difference between bringing the cot and a British Shorthair cat, making it lightweight enough to carry around but not for backpacking.

To use the cot, simply unfold it after connecting the legs and side poles. There will be no assembly or tools required for setup. If you need instruction, that is easy to follow. Getting the bed ready may take less than a minute.


  • Simply expand the cot all you need is to push the tops of the four centre legs down to make them level with the rest of the legs.
  • The cot frame is solid.
  • Made of high-quality, durable materials.
  • thumbs-up
    It has a large and comfortable sleeping surface.
  • thumbs-up
    It has a built-in headrest, but adding a pillow is recommended if you want to enhance your comfort level
  • thumbs-up
    Underneath the cot, storage is possible.
  • thumbs-up
    Other features include no end bars, organizers, and a high-density fabric that is very comfortable.


  • The folded-down version is still noticeable and difficult to transport.
  • The head incline is not adjustable, and the fabric rubbing on the tubing can make it noisy when in use.
  • Note that: The cot is quite hard, so if you want to sleeping comfortably you should put a sleeping bag or cushion on top of it.

2. Coleman Trailhead II Cot

If you are looking for a large cot because of turning over is your habit when sleeping, why don’t you consider the Trailhead II Camping Cot? Read carefully and you will know why.

It is a very comfortable and sturdy cot. Once assembled and laying in it, the canvas has very little sag. This is fantastic because other cots sag, making sleeping less comfortable.

The Trailhead II Camping Cot is a well-built and lasting cot. The frame is made of heavy steel. Additionally, the canvas is solid and durable. I have never tried any durable cot as the Trailhead. For me, it is an ideal option for a long-term cot. The cot is not wiggling back and forth after assembly, making it very stable while sleeping.

Large cots are always my choice because this kind of cot will provide plenty of space for user. Actually, I move around a lot while sleeping, so I prefer more space. The cot measures 75 x 35 x 17 when assembled and can accommodate people up to 6'2" tall. Based on that size, you can enjoy your sleep in a comfy way.

This cot folds up into a small carrying bag, making it relatively portable. The only drawback to the cot is that it is quite heavy for its size. The cot weighs 20.9 pounds in total, which isn't much, but I would have expected less from a cot of this size.

While the cot folds up into a smaller carrying bag, its weight makes it an unsuitable option for camping far from your car. This is a great option for car campers, but not for those who intend to hike to their campsite.


  • The cot was easy to set up or fold up into a small space.
  • Additional bag is suitable for camping outside
  • It can support up to 300 lbs
  • thumbs-up
    It has affordable price
  • thumbs-up
    The canvas is heavy duty and it seems to be quite durable.
  • thumbs-up
    Clear instructions stitched on the inside flap of the carrying case is convenient for you


  • The final crossbar was a little difficult to secure.
  • Sharp burrs/edges on parts of the metal frame (specifically the four screw heads in the middle and the four ends of the end bars) can cut, snag, and/or tear an air mattress, sleeping bag, quilt, or other similar item.

3. Lilypelle Folding Camping Cot

You spend lots of time selecting a great cot for senior citizens. You see a large cot, but the height and the mattress are not suitable for them. Let's try the Lilypelle folding cot.

This is perfect for old people who can get in and out of it easily (no tipping), even with bad knees and hips. Sturdy steel tube frame and joints fold up in a flash for easy storage and transport, including a storage bag for transport and storage. Ideal for enjoying your next family vacation, in your home, office, lake, campsite, patio, tent, or cabin.

The Lilypelle folding cot is distinguished by its square high-strength steel tube design. It can bear up to 880 pounds and be suitable for one adult or two children.

The Lilypelle camping cot is made of double oxford fabric for strength and ease of cleaning, making it more durable and long-lasting. The tilt angle design of the folding cot's head prevents back, neck, and shoulder pain!

It is compact, incredibly fast, and simple to assemble with 75"*28"*15.7" expanded size, 41.3" * 9.8" folded size.


  • Sturdy and long-lasting design for long-term use
  • Improved back sleeper convenience
  • Simple to set up and take down
  • thumbs-up
    Twofold layer oxford fabric for high strength, water proof, and easy cleaning
  • thumbs-up
    The height is appropriate for getting in and out of the cot
  • thumbs-up
    High quality, sturdy cot so there is no creaking or shifting when you are on the cot.


  • The mattress is quite thin, which may help keep the cold at bay but does not add to the comfort.
  • There are no bars to hit your pressure points, but the midsection is very taut, which puts some pressure on your back.

4. MARCHWAY Ultralight Camping Cot

Do you hesitate before your camping trip due to the weight of the cot? The MARCHWAY ultralight camping cot is a good choice for outdoor use.

The MARCHWAY ultralight camping cot weighs only 4.8 pounds and can accommodate up to 275 pounds. It comes with a portable stuff sack that makes it easy to transport and store. It is easy to set up and fold up thanks to the shock cord structure.

The ultralight camping cot comes with two support bars, five cross rods, one-bed cloth, one pillowcase, and one sack. The frames and rods are made of aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, which is light and strong.

The bed cloth is made of tear-resistant nylon, which is dense and long-lasting. Small packs is low to the ground, and is very stable; however, it does require some strength to set up.

The 10 feet on the rods distribute the stress of the bed more evenly, allowing it to be used for a longer period of time. The rod clip structure has been updated to keep the cot stable in a variety of field environments.

This folding cot is a great addition to your gear for tent camping or courtyard resting. If you go camping on a slightly downward slope, some non-slip stuff is recommended to keep your mattress from slipping. The MARCHWAY ultralight camping cot is a great choice for backpackers, climbers, campers, and adventurers seeking comfort without mass.


  • Comfortable, light, portable and versatile
  • Simple to set up
  • Support up to 300 pounds
  • thumbs-up
    Reasonable price


  • It can be collapse if you try to go from high to low.
  • It folds up small, weighs only 4 pounds, and fits in a motorcycle saddlebag

5. Coleman Airbed Camping Cot

Are you thinking about a camping cot for your next trip? Do you want to buy it but hesitate about a suitable mattress? The Coleman Camping Cot with available mattress is ideal choice for you.

It seems that many people think the setup is difficult, but it is actually quite simple. Apart from the included air pump, there is no assembly or tooling required.

All that you need to do is open the bed and utilize the included siphon to swell the bedding. It requires 4-D batteries. It takes under 10 minutes to blow up. Whenever you've found the right immovability, place the bed inside the joined sleeping pad cover. Perhaps you set everything up in under 20-25 minutes on the off chance that you obey the guidance cautiously.

Two discretionary cup holders that append to the bed's sides are included. They proved to be useful and have a little stockpiling region for things, for example, your vehicle keys or phone.

Actually, this sleeping pad is truly pleasant. The cot and airbed are referenced as being independent for twofold the dozing space. Sleeping on the bed without an airbed, under any circumstance, isn't extremely great as I would like to think.

The mattress and cot provide excellent edge support, even if the mattress loses some air due to the cot's sturdy construction. This, in my opinion, makes the Coleman Airbed Cot an ideal option for those who have limited mobility. It is very simple to get into and out of bed.


  • Strong and sturdy frame
  • A good choice for sleep partners due to the high weight limit
  • Strong but soft mattress sleeve
  • thumbs-up
    Use of a soft microfiber material
  • thumbs-up
    Optional side tables and under-bed storage
  • thumbs-up
    The pump functions properly.


  • The product makes a lot of noise, particularly when using the sleeve. You can tackle it by buying 2 rolls of 2 inch by 5-yard moleskin adhesive tape (friction tape) taking the bed mostly apart and wrapping the poles that touch any fabric.
  • Because the sleeve is sewn on, it cannot be washed.

6. OSAGE RIVER Camping Cot

The OSAGE RIVER Camping Cot is an adequate cot for the usual demand of your trip.

Outdoor use will necessitate the use of a car. The weight is 13 lb (5.9 kg), which is very reasonable given the number of legs and support bars. You should also be aware that this is a steel frame, which is extremely durable and sturdy. You can easily transport it from the car to the tent because it is portable.

Providing that you don't have to carry it for long distances, this is a useful outdoor tool that can be used for a variety of activities such as vacations, base camp use, hunting, fishing, summer open-air festivals, and scout camps.

The bed measures 75 x 28 inches (190 x 71 cm), which are very good dimensions. The capacity is 320 lb (145 kg), which is also adequate.

All metal elements in this design are made of tough tubular carbon steel with a powder-coated finish. The bed deck is made of a durable 600D PVC coated polyester fabric.

The OSAGE RIVER Camping Cot has ten feet on the ground and numerous support bars. As a result, this is a very stable structure that is also adaptable to any surface.

Because the cot is 18.5 inches (47 cm) tall, it will not fit in bivy tents, but it will fit in any normal single tent and all larger tents. This kind of cots could be used for off-ground sleeping in larger family camping tents.


  • Comfortable, portable and easy to set and fold up
  • Light weight and good size
  • Reasonable price
  • thumbs-up
    The cots are long enough for a man up to 6 ft, wide enough to sleep on your side, and extremely simple to assemble.
  • thumbs-up
    Ideal for side sleepers because this cot has no bars and a slightly elevated head.


  • When putting up the cot in a tent, be careful with the cot’s feets not to scratch up the tent flooring. The solution is to use furniture sliders under the feet to protect the tent floor.

7. ARAER Camping Cot

If you are seeking a cot that has high capacity, the ARAER Camping Cot is a great choice for you.

This ARAER bed requires no put-together and can be set up in a moment since it spreads like an umbrella in every one of the four headings. This bunk has a coordinated headrest, so you can consider it regardless of whether you have a cushion.

This bed has a high limit load, supporting individuals gauging as much as 450 pounds (204 kg). It is undeniably less amazing regarding the size. The elements of the bed are 74.8 x 26.4 inches (190 x 67 cm). Accordingly, this isn't really for exceptionally tall individuals.

In any case, since there are no closure bars here, the whole length referenced is valuable. This recognizes it from supposed military-style bunks, which have a full outline along the edge.

It is additionally not especially light, weighing 15.8 lb (7.2 kg). To involve it as a setting up the camp device, you'll require a vehicle to carry it.

The edge has a lot of legs and backing bars, as well as lashes between the legs. You have 25 mm tubes and something like ten ground focuses. The bed deck is made of a breathable twofold layer oxford texture in 600D.

You have plenty of space under the bed since it is 35 cm over the ground. Actually, with such countless legs and bars, you will not be able to store enormous things.


  • Couldn't be easier to set up
  • Easy to store
  • Sturdy cot due to the multiple leg design and the heavy material
  • thumbs-up
    Additional little bag on the side is perfect for storing glasses or a flashlight.


  • No instructions included with the cot
  • It's not too heavy for short distances, but it's impractical if you want to hike with it or anything like that.

8. Slsy Folding Camping Cot

The less weight you take, the less tired you feel. The easier and quicker set-up and folding you get, the more convenient and comfortable trip you have. Don't hesitate the Slsy Folding Camping Cot gets all of them.

The folding cot design takes up less space and is simple to transport and store. This folding camping cot is suitable for both outside and inside use.

There are several mattress options for the camping cot. The mattress is a soft, removable pad that creates sleeping more comfortable and warm. With the Slsy adult camping cot you don't need to worry about the feeling of the bars on your legs.

The Slsy adult camping cot is made of a square anti-rust steel frame, thicker pipe, and double layer 1200D Oxford cloth. Most comparable cots are only 600D Oxford cloth; however, this cot is more durable and can support up to 900 lbs.


  • Incredibly comfortable with the extra 3" padding
  • Easily move it yourself (even bring it inside during very bad storms so it doesn't get gross)
  • Could pick it up with one hand and easily fits in a closet
  • thumbs-up
    Plenty of space to move around and can fit up to 6'' hight
  • thumbs-up
    Great size and stability.


  • Quite narrow for tall people

9. TETON Sports Adventurer Camp Cot

If a military cot is your choice for the next adventure, the Teton Sports Adventurer Cot is a good idea for you.

The Teton Sports Adventurer Cot is a strong and sturdy military-style steel cot with a large capacity, a great packed size, and a low price.

Because it is a military cot, it is also collapsible and requires assembly. So nothing out of the ordinary here. The assembly entails unfolding and spreading it before adding the two end bars. You don't need any special equipment for this. Everything is completed in a couple of minutes.

This bed's 400 lbs limit is basically outstanding, and it is planned for weighty individuals. Nonetheless, the size isn't great, so remember this on the off chance that you are tall.

The stuffed size of 38 x 8 x 4 inches is perfect, and it won't occupy a lot of room in your home. Accordingly, it may be utilized as an extra bed for unpredicted visitors. The bed accompanies a convey pack, which will keep it dust-proof and clean regardless of where you place it.

Since the bed is weighty 20 lbs, it should be moved by a vehicle as an outside setting up camp equipment. You can involve it for numerous outside activities like get-aways, hunting, remaining at trailhead inns, fishing, going to outside celebrations, etc.

The above limit demonstrates that this is a solid and sturdy product. The deck bed is made of 600D Brushed Poly Canvas, and the casing and bars are made of steel. The construction is entirely steady since it has six legs in X-shape, as displayed underneath.


  • The size is quite small for tall people
  • Carrying bag was very useful for transporting the cot
  • Really simple to assemble
  • thumbs-up
    The cot itself (once assembled) was durable and the sleep surface was an attractive alternative to sleeping on the ground!


  • Poor design quality: one of the joints failed after only a few uses, which was very disappointing.
  • A little bit heavy so it isn't convenient to carry for long distances

10. ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot

Have you ever tried a pop-up cot? What about a traditional cot? For me, a collapsible cot is also a good choice to try. Because this ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot is a fully collapsible cot, it implies two things. First, it packs well, and second, it requires some minor assembly when you want to sleep on it. This is done quickly and without the use of any special tools.

It comes with a carry bag with straps for carrying it over short distances. When not in use, the bag will keep it dust-free.

The name implies that it is light, but this is a relative term that depends on what you compare it to. It weighs 9.3 lb (4.2 kg), so it's ok for the short distance but maybe you need to consider a little bit you'd take on a longer hike.

Its packed size of 34 x 9 x 2 inches (86 x 23 x 5 cm) allows it to be attached to a pack. Obviously, it is a handy backpack. It is a little bit long but thin when packed.

The mentioned capacity is 250 lbs (113 kg). This is true, but it's clearly not for people who weigh a lot or people who want to go with partners. The bed measures 74 x 30 inches (188 x 76 cm), so the width is adequate, but it hasn't end bars here, so the given length is the true length to use.


  • Can be used in a soft-floored tent without ripping it up
  • Spacious width of the cot
  • Long-lasting construction.
  • thumbs-up
    Sturdy carry bag.
  • thumbs-up
    Economical with its price
  • thumbs-up
    Ultra-compact when broken down


  • A little heavy.
  • The canvas is tight makes set-up quite complicated
  • Requires set up with some weight or strength.

How To Choose The Best Camping Cot

best camping cot

Buying a cot is a much more personal decision than you may think. You must consider where you intend to use it, who will use it, and how you intend to transport it.

And this is an important thing, you should determine your budget and compare it with the cots in that price range before you buy a cot because there are many kinds of cots with a wide range of prices. If you just like that cot and buy it, maybe you will regret it soon.

A lightweight backpacking cot is ideal for campers hiking far from civilization, whereas others may prefer a larger, more supportive cot for more casual trips. The first step in finding the best camping cot is determining what features and performance you require for your adventures.

1. Setup

One of the most overlooked but critical aspects of choosing a camping cot is how long it takes to set up. The difference between a few minutes and a half hour may not appear to be significant, but when you're deep in the woods and ready for bed, quick setup is essential.

A cot should be self-explanatory, so you don't have to lug around an instruction manual. Look for simple configurations. My ultralight cots typically have two collapsible side bars and snap-in cross bars. It's simple enough to figure out where the pieces should go simply by looking at them. This helps you saves time and prepares you for the day's adventures.

2. Size

When purchasing a cot, consider where it will be placed. It's really important if you don't want to change or throw away your cot. Large comfort cots should be avoided if you have a low-profile tent because they sit higher off the ground and will not fit in the low ceiling. Some people prefer a cot that can be used both for camping and as a guest around the house.

These larger comfort cots are ideal for keeping you elevated and comfortable. Don't forget to consider the actual sleeping area. Not all cots are created equal, and some will give you more room to turn over while others will leave you staring at the tent's roof all night.

3. Comfort

Price is always toss-up. You need quality, you want more good features, the price is as high as your demand. Larger camp cots with lots of space and padding are more comfortable in general. They are, however, nearly impossible to pack on a long hike or backpacking trip. Smaller camp cots are more mobile, but they lack the frills and creature comforts of larger cots.

When backpacking, comfort takes a back seat to convenience of transportation. You'll want to choose a cot that is lightweight and compact.

4. Sleeping Area

The important thing to look for is that the cot is large enough for you to sleep on without resting your head on the frame. Most cots are long enough to accommodate people up to 6 feet tall and just over 2 feet wide.

Many cots come in XL or XXL sizes if you're taller or wider. To accommodate larger people, these cots are typically longer and wider.

If you're not sure if a cot will fit you, look up the dimensions online and review as well. The dimensions of the cot will be displayed on the specifications page, allowing you to determine whether it is a good fit for you.

5. Cushioning

The sleeping area of most cots is a piece of material, such as polyester fabric, stretched tight to provide support. Many travellers find these cots too firm and will add a sleeping pad of some kind to offer cushioning.

If you want to sleep on something that feels like your own bed, look for a cot that includes cushioning or offers a proprietary sleeping pad add-on.

6. Weight

Although camping cots aren't meant to be carried in your pack on foot, they are lightweight and relatively compact. Most are only a few pounds in weight and can be easily brought and set up by one person. Compact cots can be as light as four pounds. The most opulent options weigh in at around 40 pounds.

About the weight, you need to consider your aim, distance and the vehicle as well to carry the cot. Generally, the weighty cot combined with numerous features but it isn't suitable for you for long distances without any vehicle.

7. Durability and Components

You should select a cot with sturdy components, such as a rigid frame capable of supporting your weight. Aluminum or steel frames are commonly used. While steel frames are tougher, they are also much heavier and are typically found on most comfort cots.

Aluminum frames save load and are detachable for easy storage in a pack on lightweight backpacking cots. Strong nylon or canvas material is a good choice for the sleeping area. The ideal cot cover should be snug enough to provide a firm and supportive sleeping environment while also resisting years of abuse without ripping.

8. Price

The camping cots we describe here are an accurate representation of the prices you'll see when shopping for a cot. Cots range in price from $20 to $30 for simple and no-frills models, with higher-end models costing $300 or more. When shopping for a camping cot, weigh the features you require against the budget you have available.

If you like to have a simple cot to keep you off the ground when sleeping next to your car, start with the most basic cot and consider what you'd like to add to it. A simple car camping cot is a foldable frame with material stretched over it that should cost less than $100.

Do you require additional cushioning or organizational options? You should prepare to pay a little more for an upgraded option, which will cost between $150 and $250.

Don't want to sleep on the ground while backpacking? Because of the lightweight materials and design that go into making them tight and light enough to fit into a backpack, these cots will cost a little bit more. These typically cost between $200 and $250, but can cost up to $300 or more with add-ons such as rainflies or integrated tents.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

best camping cot

1. Are cots suitable for camping?

2. Is the pad required for a camping cot?

3. Does a cot provide more comfort than an air mattress?

Final Thoughts

A wonderful camping trip cannot be done without a good camping cot. Besides the place and partners, a portable, comfortable, simple to carry and set up will determine how you enjoy your trip. Remember plan how to use cot before buy and use it in reality.

The reviews above include some popular camping scenarios and should point you in the right direction. Review is just the reference, you should write down a list of what you need and your budget also to choose the best camping cot for you.

Have a nice trip!


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