How Long Do Mres Last? The Amazing Answer And More

how long do mres last

Essentially, MREs are believed to be survival meal; nothing more, nothing less. They are available to be able to save a life simply by stopping hunger in circumstances wherever no other meal options seem readily available.

Therefore you have an MRE and you are asking yourself … Is this thing nevertheless great? Or even you are asking yourself … How long do such foods last? You will find official answers, and also there are some practical answers too. I will tell you the official answers really fast, and after that, I will talk about even more practical answers such as taste-tests.

The "Meal, Ready To Eat" or MRE is a self- covered total food made to maintain a person whenever regular meal service is unavailable. One MRE means one meal. Aside from the drinks, which need water (hydration), the whole meal is all set to eat.

The particular MRE is balanced nutritionally and offers approximately 1,200 calories (51% carbohydrates, 36% fat, and 13% protein) (source), and one-half of the U.S Military suggested day-to-day allowance of minerals and vitamins. The value of full day's foods might are made up of 3 MREs.

The particular MRE contents do and can differ, nevertheless based on the amount purchased, MREs can be particularly focused on fulfilling your individual requirements and tastes.

You may have many questions about MREs, such as How Long Do MREs LastKeep reading this post, and I will answer all the questions popping in your mind.

How Does MRE Taste?

how long do mres last

Source: MRE by A.Currell - Under Creative Commons license

Basically, the MRE tastes similar to any kind of ready meals from a can or jar. The MREs are not dried out. Considering that the MREs are prepared and packed in its very own sauce, this keeps numerous of the own natural juices and flavors. The MREs are tender and moist and happen to be made palatable for the typical buyer.

To illustrate, Oriental Chicken MRE meal flavor similar to Chinese canned food. The Beef Stew MRE meals flavor similar to commercially canned or jarred beef stew. The quantity of salt is not overwhelming, however, there is sufficient to prevent blandness. Basically, the MRE is made to be a totally acceptable and normal meal.

How Is MRE Packed?

The advanced MRE had been presented by the USA army as a replacement to rations packed in bulky and hard metal cans. Also, the advanced MRE product packaging is constructed of thicker, but flexible, plastic and aluminum layers reconstructed as a pouch.

This is basically a can; however, it is lighter in weight, and this is a flat shape that helps to ensure profound results to store and carry. The pockets are thermo-stabilized and supply an extended stable life without the need of refrigeration.

This is additionally made to endure tough circumstances and visibility in order to the components. The package of MRE is legally referred to as tri-laminate retort pouch. Also, the pouch can be opened easily from the top and offers entry to the contents easily.

How To Eat An MRE Product?

True to the name, the MRE can be described as "all set to eat" completely cooked food. All the items can be eaten instantly without having including water (aside from the drinks which need the inclusion of water).

As the sides and entrees are good to eat cold, usually they taste significantly better whenever warmed up using an IRH (Individual Ration Heater) or simply by boiling MRE in the water. Considering that the MRE pouch features a flat shape, this requires a lesser amount of time to heat up the contents that often indicates a greater tasting food.

How Long Do MREs Last?

MREs are made to have a lifespan from 3 years (if kept at 80-degree Fahrenheit) to 10 years (if kept at 60-degree Fahrenheit) (source​). Higher temperature ranges will reduce the lifespan MRE.

Researchers have tested numerous MREs which had been 10 -15 years old and also with the exclusion of a few discolorations, still they tasted good, had an appropriate nutritional material and displayed fundamental product safety features. A regular rotation of the MREs in 5 -7 years is highly recommended.

On the other hand, freezing an MRE will not ruin the meals inside, however recurrent freezing will increase the possibilities which the stressing or stretching of the pouch can result in a crack of a layer of laminated and will ruin the meals.

These pockets are designed to endure 1,000 flexes. However repeating freezing will increase the rate of failure by a little portion of a percent. At the same time, if the MRE food is frozen, after that thawed out, this should be utilized the similar as though you had thawed the commercial meals from your own home or freezer.

How Many Meals/Mres Do You Need?

The amount of MREs you require is based mostly on the amount of individuals you are preparing to feed and also the amount of days you are likely to give food to them. Additionally, you need to think about the quantity of foods every person will eat on a daily basis.

Do The Meals/Mres Have Heaters?

Some meals/MREs have heaters and some others need individual purchase for a minimal charge. Your cart should reveal whether the heaters are provided or not.

Are The Mres Fresh?

Of course, they are produced upon the order for full GSA mandated 10-year lifespan.

How Many Meals/Mres Are Available In A Case?

You will find a regular 12 meals/MREs in a case, nevertheless, with the choices you have, such as the choice to include lighter portions or downsized MREs, the typical case can allow for much more meals/MREs.


To sum up, in this particular post, I have given official answers to all the questions regarding MREs. Now you are 100% sure and well informed about MREs. However, I will highly suggest you to go through this FAQ post again to learn more and eliminate any misconception about MREs.

If you think that I have skipped something important or have not answered a significant question then feel free to use the use the comment box below and let me know your thoughts. I hope to start a discussion in the comment box below.

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