Best Hiking Sandals 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best hiking sandals

Hiking is known as an awesome outdoor sport, used when somebody takes a long walk in natural environments or remote areas. It is a healthy kind of sport that remains its unique attraction and attracts million people every year; there is a load of hiking organizations all around the world.

Hiking not only benefits your physical health, maintains your reliability, practices your patience but also leads to a joyful and fulfilling life. This list of benefits of hiking keeps going on and on.

Hiking sandals are considered to be the must-have items when participating in this interesting sports type. There is a ton of articles writing about tips on how to choose the best hiking sandals, but I still want to write this article to share with you my own experience on how to choose the best hiking sandals, including sandals for both women and men.

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Hiking Sandal Comparison Table

Hiking Sandal Reviews

The following list is a full review of products that my family and I used to experience, and I highly recommend this only for you.

#1. Northside Womens Burke II Sport Athletic Sandal

Toe: Closed

Features: Manmade, Imported, Synthetic sole, Platform measures 1.25’’, Rugged neoprene upper features breathable air mesh/ lightweight webbing/ abrasion resistant toe/ arch overlays, Water resistant, Lightweight EVA insole, Toe bumper protection, Bungee lacing system/ aqua sock lick features/ customized fit, Multi-directional rubber outsole.

PROS: They are super lightweight, surprisingly stylish, amazingly customized your feet, insanely comfortable. I attempted to wear them and hike my 100-mile backpacking trip through sand and forest. In the end, there are no contusions or scratches. They deserve to be your mate when hiking.

CONS: Their main drawback is all about the durability. They used to be my favorite shoe, but after 2.5 years of wearing, they failed apart.

#2. Plaka Flat Summer Sandals for Women Palm Leaf

Toe: Open

Features: Water resistant, Perfect vacation shoes, Quality handmade, Stylish with colorful soft nylon straps, Rubber sole

PROS: They are highly stylish and comfortable with colorful straps made of high-quality nylon to protect you from a blood blister free walk. Furthermore, they can slightly fit your feet.

Therefore, heel slippage is not the problem. You could select your favorite color to express your styles and personality. They are suitable for women of all ages. What is more, they are water resistant and you could use them in any circumstances, even on the beach or on rainy days.

CONS: Although the straps are pretty comfortable and adjustable in general, the sandals are not particularly comfortable. In addition, this could be gross if your feet get sweaty.

#3. Keen Women’s Whisper Sandals

Toe: Open

Features: Synthetic webbing upper, Hydrophobic mesh lining, Rubber outsole, Metatomical EVA footbed, Metatomical strap design

PROS: They are considered as an upgraded version of my Newport H2s, but they are amazingly better. They are absolutely lightweight, sturdy and highly durable. The neoprene stretches are fit around your ankle which made me really satisfied and thrilled.

Notably, they are totally perfect in whatever activities, including rappelling, sailing or river rafting. On top of all that, I am falling in love with its girly design. I am pretty sure that I will purchase a second pair if my sandals are broken.

CONS: The only thing that makes me unsatisfied is that the stitching started unraveling after my long trip.

#4. Teva Women’s Hurricane XLT Sandal, Hazel Black

Toe: Open

Features: Webbing, Imported, Duration Rubber sole, Heel measures 1’’, Platform measures 0.75’’, “W” signal is represented to Women, not width sizing

PROS: All I have to say is that they are incredibly wonderful feet pamperers. When I saw it online, I am kind of wavering because of their high price compared to other same types of sandals. 

But to be honest, I completely gratified with my choice because they bring me a sense of relaxing when wearing. The biggest benefit is that you could wear them every day and do everything like walking, gardening.

In case you do not know, they are dry quickly, all you need is leaving it in the sun for just a very short time. I am kind of fed up with purchasing low-quality goods which were claimed as to be good and ended up being thrown. Hence, when I bought this Hurricane Sandal, I was thrilled to bits.

CONS: There is nothing to complain about it.

#5. Teva Women’s Tirra Athletic Sandal

Toe: Open

Features: Rubber sole, Imported, Heal measures 1.5’’, Shaft measures 1.35’’, Platform measures 0.5’’, Polyester webbing, Water-ready synthetic, “W” signal is represented to Women, not width sizing

PROS: I tremendously like their cute design and color. What is more, they are extraordinarily comfy. There is no word to describe how I love them.

CONS: Nothing to say about it.

#6. Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

Toe: Closed

Features: Leather and fabric, Imported, Synthetic sole, Unify midsole, Lug depth measures 3mm, Weight: 1lb 50z, Waxy waterproof leather fabric

PROS: They are great in the water, easy to shake the rocks and also quick drying.

CONS: I bought this pair to give my boyfriend as a birthday gift, but it left me unhappy because the pairs were defective when the deliverer delivered and the size given in the website were not the same with my boyfriend’s normal used size.

#7. Northside Mens Burke II Sport Athletic Sandal

Toe: Closed

Features: Manmade materials, Imported, Synthetic sole, Heel measures 1.25’’, Platform measures 1.25’’, Water resistant, Protective rubber toe guard, Contoured EVA midsole

PROS: They do not cause sweaty even when wearing without shocks. Moreover, they can be watched easily in the washing machine and brings fragrant smell as new sandals.

CONS: They cause blisters, the band is not easy to loosen or tighten after a few days.

#8. Keen Men’s Arroyo II Sandal

Toe: Closed

Features: Leather/Fabric, Made in USA/ Imported, Rubber sole, Heel measures 2’’, Rear pull-on loop/ bungee lacing system, Patented rubber toe cap

PROS: They are trouble-free to put on and take off, the sizing is correct as expected and the lacing system making them fit so finely.

CONS: The price is pretty high, but it is worth.

#9. Teva Men’s M Forebay 2 Sandal

Toe: Closed

Features: Textile/Synthetic, Imported, Rubber sole, Customized, Treated with zinc-based antimicrobial technology, Rugged Durabrasion Rubber, Synthetic upper

PROS: They fit perfectly and look nicer than on the website.

CONS: Their sizing is smaller than regular shoes.

#10. Atika Men’s Sports Sandals Trail Outdoor Water Shoes

Toe: Closed

Features: 3 layer front toe protection, Mid hybrid toecap, Inner layer, Outer rubber guard, True to size

PROS: There are various colors so we could pleasantly choose our favorite color to mix and match with our outfit. They are remarkable well-made shoes compared to another famed brand. Moreover, they are lightweight, durable and high-quality.

CONS: If the producer adds the cushion, it will be perfect.

How To Choose The Best Hiking Sandals

best men’s hiking sandals

Investing the high-quality sandals is considered as a smart and non-waste investment because it protects you from serious injuries which could cost threefold amount of money spent or even more. There is a wide range of factors that you should consider when choosing hiking sandals. Take a look at these following tips for your reference.

1. Fit

This is the most basic element when choosing either sandals or shoes or high-heels. Obviously, we can throw our precious money to buy something that we cannot use it. Believe me, because I used to experience the feeling of seeing extremely beautiful high-heels which is not fit me.

To be honest, I look so damn good in those shoes, but after twice times trying to the catwalk, my heels scratched and swelled up. So guys, please do not ever buy something that is not fit for you.

2. Sizing

On your adventure journey, there are various dangerous things that you may encounter, especially when you are hiking in terrains with full of obstacles and difficult to access. A tip for you is that you should go for the sandals with 1-size larger simply because the extra space will defend you from rocks, branches, and thorns. This tip is used for both hiking sandals for women and men.

3. Ultralight backpacking

I am pretty sure that when you’re trekking and hiking in a long journey, all you want is a light knapsack with just highly necessary and lightweight stuff. Remember not to put an unnecessary amount of pressure on your back which could lead to damage your feet.

4. Waterproofness

Thru-hiking in a long period is challenging; if the weather were rainy, there would be much more annoying and tricky. Therefore, a waterproof sandal will be highly appropriate and advantageous when going through a wet and slippery path, especially in rainy days.

What is more is that the price disparity between a waterproof sandal and non-waterproof one is not too much. Let’s be a smart consumer.

5. Straps

From my own experience and observation, you should choose straps made from a highly durable material such as polypropylene because it suits all weather conditions, even in severe conditions. Moreover, it dries much faster than straps made from nylon or polyester.

6. Open design or closed design

Normally, open design is lighter and more simplistic. People used to go for it for the sake of long life, incredible ventilation, and comfortableness. If you crossed a stream or a rivulet, they could dry effortlessly and quickly; even swimming was not a big issue. But everything has its pros and cons;the open design is no exception. Its drawback is lack of protection. Open design brings various advantages, but it is also its downside.

Closed design sandals ingratiate hiking lovers due to its strong and firm protection from undesired obstacles such as rocks, branches, briars, sticks and whatever you may encounter. It is exceedingly suitable for people who are meticulous and careful. With closed design sandal, you could care-free to enjoy your hiking.

On average, people opt for closed design sandals for the medium-distance path. But every garden hasweeds; typically, closed design sandals are heavier due to having advanced lacing systems. In addition, closed sandals are usually covered with panels of cloth or exterior stitching which makes the sandals break down faster than other simple designs.

In short, choosing open or closed one is based on your need and inclination because both designs have their strengths and weaknesses.


Choosing high-quality sandals for hikingis not as difficult as you imagine. I hope that my article has been helpful and informative for you to choose your best hiking sandals. Thank you so much for reading to the very end of the article and wish you a life full of love, wealth, experience.


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