Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent Review

Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent Review

Ozark Trail cabin tent is a great tent that you should not miss if you are searching for a camping tent. It offers great value for money with a bunch of useful features.

Still not convinced?

Read my Ozark Trail 10-person dark rest instant cabin tent review right away to know its pros and cons. I have tried it myself and wrote this unbiased review so that you can decide whether to buy it or not.

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Overview Of The Tent

Today, the spotlight is on the Ozark Trail cabin tent.

As suggested, it is manufactured by Ozark Trail - a Walmart brand. Walmart products are known for their affordability rather than quality. But this cabin tent has both. It is decent for the price, if not a steal. In other words, it offers great value for your money.

The tent is designed to hold up to 10 people with a square footage of 140.

This is a Dark Rest tent, which means all materials used in making the tent are dark. For example, the mesh openings come with zippered dark panels outside. Dark Rest tents are popular as they create a dark environment that feels cooler without glare. You are able to sleep more soundly in such a tent.

The term ‘Instant’ refers to its pre-assembled design, in which the frame is already attached to the tent by the manufacturer. Once you receive the tent, just unfold it and extend the telescopic poles to install it. The whole assembly takes minutes only.


Are you wondering what a ‘cabin’ tent is?

Cabin tents are the kind of tents designed with straightened and tall walls. It is often large and accommodates a lot of people.

Note that this Ozark Trail cabin tent is freestanding, but you can always use 14 steel stakes in the package to make it more stable on the ground.

Who Is This Tent For?

It is claimed to hold up to 10 people, but keep it in mind that is the maximum number. If 10 people use the tent at a time, a person only has a 14ft space, which is quite limited and inconvenient, especially when there is no awning or porch. So if you want to relax and enjoy some comfort, you should share a tent with a maximum of 6-8 people. The more people, the less space and comfort you have.

I highly recommend this tent for two couples or a family of 4 people. Since there is a divider, the tent can be split into two separate rooms, each of which can accommodate a queen-size bed. There are doors, too; so, it would be great to have a double date in this tent.

As for the season, this Ozark Trail cabin tent is ideal for picnics and family gatherings in summer. Of course, you should not use it in harsh weather conditions.

It is also a go-to option for those who are going on cross-country tours.

Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent Review

1. Size

As said above, the tent has a floor area of 14x10 inches, which can be divided into two rooms. It is able to accommodate ten people maximum, but I advise you to use it with 6-8 people to have some comfort.

2. Weight

Weighing over 35 lbs, the tent is actually quite heavyweight. You will need a car to transport it to the picnic sites.

3. Construction

As an outdoor shelter, you surely expect the tent to withstand environmental factors such as rain, sunlight, etc., right? And the Ozark Trail cabin tent does not let you down.

The whole tent is polyester, including the floor, while the poles are made of steel. Such a combination is common in making outdoor tents. This is because polyester is lightweight and sturdy, most importantly, good at blocking UV. At the same time, steel keeps the tent stay firmly on the ground, even when there are strong winds.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the waterproof rating.

The ceiling consists of 3 layers, namely the mesh, the panels, and the fly above. The panels and the fly come with zippers so that you can close and open them to your wish.

Due to the Dark Rest design, all panels and the ceiling are crafted out of dark materials. Therefore, once you are inside the tent and close all the openings, it will be completely dark and feel cool. Also, you are protected against the dust outside. This is especially useful when you are staying in a dusty area.

4. Ventilation

The tent is equipped with two vents to help improve air circulation. Also, the doors and windows have mesh panels, which aid in regulating airflow inside the tent. As an added perk, all of them can be zipped up depending on your needs.

Even if you close all the roof panels, there are still two triangular mesh areas on the ceiling to make sure you do not feel stuffy in the tent.

5. Features

The best part about this Ozark Trail dark rest tent is probably the skylight ceiling panel. As its name might suggest, it allows for stargazing at night while you are lying inside the tent. In addition, these panels add to overall air circulation.

There is a curtain partition to split the tent into two separate rooms, which can be kept or removed. I highly recommend you use it, since it is convenient. For example, you can sleep in one room and use the other as the storage or playground. It is also great if you need some privacy.

I love the built-in storage pockets, which are intended to keep your essentials, for example, chargers. There are several pockets so you can put a lot of things inside, even hanging your tablet to create a small TV is possible. Also, there are electric cable ports on the wall, which you can use to charge your cell phones and tablets, as well as electrical heaters.

6. Assembly

Like other instant tents, this one can be set up in minutes. All you have to do is to unlock and extend the legs, attach the rain fly and you are good to go.

Most instant tents can be installed by a single adult. Nonetheless, as this tent is quite large and bulky, you may need a helping hand.

7. Warranty

This tent is backed with a 6-year limited warranty by the manufacturer. If there are any problems cropping up within the time frame, you can contact Ozark Trail for a replacement. But you need to make sure you abide by the rules of the brand; otherwise, your warranty will be voided.

My Own Experience With The Tent

I have tried out the Ozark Trail 10-person cabin tent with my family members in our picnic. So far, I had a great experience and there was little to complain about the tent.

The product arrived in a bag with a velcro handle and an extra zipper at the bottom. When I first received the product, I had a hard time carrying it and needed to call my brother for help. Anyway, both of us managed to bring it to our car.

On our picnic day, the weather was great with sunshine and a light breeze. I began to set up the tent with my brother, and it took about 10 minutes. Not so quick as the advertisement, but no deal-breaker as it was the first time I installed a cabin tent. The whole thing felt quite sturdy and firm with six steel legs.

When finishing setting up, I walked inside to check how it felt. I was 6’2 and I found it comfortable to walk and stand in the tent without having to hunch or bend down. It felt amazingly roomy!

It was not completely dark inside the tent, but the sunlight was mostly blocked by about 70 percent. There was plenty of airflow, so I did not feel too stuffy. I guessed that it would be great for sleeping, and it was. The next morning, I was able to sleep until 8 am although the sun already rose at 5 am.

Plus, I loved the privacy this tent offered. When in the tent, I could watch people outside, but they could not see inside, even though I had led lights and flashlights on. Great!

I set up the partition to separate the tent into two rooms. We slept in one room and the other we used to keep our stuff. Also, we ate and played there to avoid making our sleeping area dirty. A neat and clean space is essential in having a good night’s sleep, right? We brought along a queen air mattress to sleep, which fitted nicely inside the tent.

I found the electrical port extremely useful as we could charge our phones and operate the stove. I also took advantage of the wall pockets to keep small things such as tissues.

At night, our family stayed a bit late to see the stars. Through the mesh, we were able to see the night sky with thousands of sparkling stars while making small talk about various topics. It was a memorable experience for all of us.

It was rainy on the following day, so we had to stay inside the tent. At first, I was quite worried about the weather protection of the tent as there was no waterproof rating. Fortunately, the tent did not absorb any water, and nor did it leak. We played games until the rain stopped, and sometimes, we all forgot that it was raining outside due to the all-black interior.

Overall, my family and I loved this tent. Since we bought it, we have gone camping more often.

Pros and Cons

1. Pros

  • It is reasonably priced for a 10-person tent.
  • It comes with Dark Rest technology.
  • It has skylight mesh openings and a divider.
  • thumbs-up
    It can be installed quickly in two minutes.

2. Cons

  • There is no awning or vestibule.
  • It is a bit heavy and bulky for one person to carry.

Alternative To Ozark Trail Cabin Tent

There are some decent alternatives to Ozark Trail Cabin tent right here if you want more options to consider.

Check them out.

This instant cabin tent is able to hold up to 9 people maximum and fit two queen air mattresses. It features a room divider, wall pockets, and electrical ports as well. The package comes complete with a rain fly, tent skates, and carry bag. The highlight of this CORE tent is the insanely quick assembly, which takes only 60 seconds.

This Coleman model is one of the best-selling camping tents on the market. It comes with hinged doors and an extended awning. What we love is the fact that Coleman had weather protection in mind when designing this tent. They equipped it with welded corners, inverted seams, as well as a rainfly. Note that you need to pitch the tent conventionally, so it takes about 15 minutes for the setup.

This one is of the same size as the Ozark Trail tent, about 14’ x 10’ with a 78’’ center height. It features large pull out windows that maximize interior space and ventilation. Like most cabin tents, it is made of polyester, but the material has double the waterproof coating for more protection.

The Bottom Line

Now you know everything about the Ozark Trail cabin tent. Are you going to buy it? Take your time to consider the features and check out the alternatives, too. Hopefully, you can make the right decision.

This is the end of our Ozark Trail 10-person Dark Rest instant cabin tent review. Thanks for reading until the end and do not forget to stay tuned for our upcoming posts.


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