Ozark Trail 11-Person Instant Cabin With Private Room Review


Choosing a tent that is lightweight, durable, good-quality, yet still affordable is never easy.

I totally understand that: My family always love camping, and we’ve been trying a lot of tent and tent brands all over the country. 

It took me a long time to step through the regular tent to come to instant pitch ones, for instance, this Ozark Trail 11-person Instant Cabin with a private room.

I’ve loved it since we found it out, and I’ve used it literally every time my family goes camping.

But what’s so special about this tent that makes me love it so much?

Overview About The Ozark Trail Instant Cabin

Ozark Trail 11-person Instant Cabin With Private Room Review

As its name suggests, this is a typical cabin-style tent with telescopic poles from the Ozark Trail company for a large camping group. What really makes it unique is its quick setup and a third private room in addition to two main cabins.

I personally prefer to use this Ozark Instant Cabin for extended trips in warmer months of the years. It is really spacious inside with various rooms for extra privacy, so basically, it makes me feel like living in my mini home!

In order to answer the question of why I want this guy for any of my long trips, let’s take a look at its specifications. The numbers will speak up for themselves:

1. Product Specifications and General Information

Here are some basic information and specifications of this Ozark Trail tent that you should know before buying one for yourself:

- Tent type: All seasons cabin tents

- Gathering: Instant assembly with pre-attached frame

- Available capacity: 11 people

- Weight: 33 lbs (15 kg). Assembled weight: 38.37 lbs

- Materials: Polyester & Mesh

- Weatherproof features: Awning and rain fly available

- Additional features: Electric port

- Floor measure: 14 feet x 14 feet (4.27 x 4.27 m)

.The main cabin part is 14 feet x 8 feet (4.27m x 2.44 m)

.The private room extension is 8 feet x 6 feet (2.44m x 1.83 m)

- Height: 76 inches (193 cm)

- Packed size: 48 x 10 x 10 inches (122 x 25 x 25 cm)

As you can see, this Ozark Trail Instant Cabin Tent has a fascinating structure. It comes with a main cabin of two separate rooms and one additional private room at the rear of the tent.

Even though the private room can be easily removed, I normally just attached it there in case I want a space to change clothes!

2. Benefits of the Ozark Trail Instant Cabin

Actually, before getting this Ozark Trail, I was researching for a while to see what the benefits of an instant tent over other models are. It turns out, an instant model is much quicker to pitch or takedown, maybe just a few minutes, even if you have no experience!

So, how could instant pitching benefit you?

Well, probably less stress while putting up a tent because there are no longer missing poles? It is also better in the rain, in adverse weather conditions, or the dark, when you arrive late and need to pitch the tent as quickly as possible!

Another useful feature of this Ozark Trail over various models is its awning and rainfly, which can help protect you from the worst weather conditions!

These two features make my cabin tent waterproof up to a certain extent. And though this guy wouldn’t survive against more torrential conditions, it does perform well in sunny, breezy days, which is the days my family often chooses to go camping. That’s enough for me then!

Moreover, I really appreciate how large the tent is, even for a group of around five to six people; there’s still enough space left for gear and luggage. I indeed do not like to get my luggage wet, and I bet there are a lot of people who think like me. It would be easy to understand if this spacious tent appears in the wishlist of many families!

3. Who Should Use the Ozark Trail Instant Cabin


I think that we all agree that the reputation of this cabin tent Ozark Trail comes from its reasonable price, sturdy build, roomy space, and a cool additional private room at the back!

Sounds appealing enough, right?

I have something to say before you jump right into the conclusion of whether this Instant Cabin is the perfect guy for you.

Well, I’m pretty sure you will need some criteria to evaluate how good tents should look like. Now, what are the features that you should consider?

Firstly, this cabin tent is made of polyester and mesh material, as you can see from its specifications:

Coated polyester is lightweight, inexpensive, sturdy, and what’s best is - waterproof! Plus, it does not get mildewed if wetted by rain and also easy to clean off the mud. In the winter, this material is not very warm and not breathable, either! But the mesh material can make up for that by its superior ventilating property.

This Ozark Trail is perfect for people with tight-budgets, just like me! Anyone who dislikes doing laundry will also love this because mesh and polyester are super easy to wipe and clean. But it is not breathable enough for camping in muggy weather, so if you’re living in this climate zone, avoid polyester tent!

Second, this tent can fit up to eleven adults, a big family or a group of friends. When you’re coming with a group of only four to five people, you can also fit your equipment inside.

So, if you have a big family, go for this spacious cabin tent! But remember to consider your annually camping! If you always go in a small group of only three or four members, maybe this 11-person Ozark Trail will be a bit of a burden.

There are some more features that I can consider when talking about companionship between me and my tent. But it could keep this part for too long, so I will continue in the pieces-breakdown below.

To make it clearer, you can ask yourself these question to find out if you need this Ozark Trail Instant Cabin or not:

  • How is the weather at your place? Do you need a waterproof tent?
  • How often do you use your tent? Would you need a tent that last for a lifetime?
  • How many people are there in your group, because a big tent will be bulkier and more cumbersome.
  • Do you usually arrive in the dark? Sometimes, an instant tent with a quick setup will make your camping much simpler.

Ozark Trail 11-person Instant Cabin With Private Room Review


This product comes with a lot of helpful features that I would love to talk more about.

I was confused before when there are too much tent on the market. Some camping shelters have features that I like, but also have a lot of downsides. Some are good, but their price is indeed costly.

I treasure how affordable yet high-quality this Ozark Trail 11-person cabin is, considering my tight budget for a seasonal equipment.

1. Spacious Cabin with A Private Back Room

This Ozark is my favorite picnic tent, mainly because of its smart design and spaciousness.

The floor measurement is 14 x 14 square inches, with four tall walls that are straightened to the roof as what you would expect from a cabin-style tent.

Moreover, this Ozark Trail main cabin also has a room splitter to subdivide the living space into smaller rooms, which is cool to give my group more privacy.

But, how could I fit eleven members into this tent?

Ozark Trail 11-person Instant Cabin With Private Room Review

This picture shows how you could all lie in a tent with a group of eleven adults.

At first, I thought it would be a bit cramped, but turn out it is not!

Only if you are lying in the private room, the top gonna be lower than the main cabin’s top, so there will be difficulty standing in that third room. You’d better keep the tallest members of your group lying in the main room!

2. Speedy Pitch and Take Down

The Ozark Trail comes with an undoubtedly straightforward assembly. That would have been useful when you arrive at the campsite in unwanted conditions like what we said before.


With this pre-assembled tent, you will also need not to worry about lost poles at random places.

It reminds me of the time when my family was using the old camping tent. Before we hit the road, we always had to go around the house, garage, or even backyard, trying to gather the lost parts of the tent that the kids took away.

Now, all the poles are already attached, which is pleasant for me and many other casual campers.

I usually have all three or four people do the setup. It normally just takes a couple of minutes, maybe less than five.

3. Lightweight and Ventilated Material

Well, cotton, in this case, will do better at tent ventilation compared to polyester material.

But that is why we have some mesh area randomly placed between polyester pieces as windows or ceiling. That might be because the manufacturer wants to keep the water-resistant feature of this Ozark Trail (which is excellent, all camping tent need that) and allow the airflow at once.

I also like that when I’m traveling, this tent is not too heavy to transport.

4. Weatherproof Front Awning & Rain Fly

Everybody hates getting sunburn. I might love mild sunlight at dawn, but not the harsh sunlight in the middle of the day, even if I’m trying to have a tanned tone.

That is why I love the large awning expanding to the front door of this cabin so much!

Both this front awning and the rain fly are hugely versatile and useful elements. On hot summer days, it can prevent the light from entering, and keep the heat outside. Blowy, rainy days will no longer be a problem thanks to those double layers protection. You can simply sit inside and enjoy your board games till the weather become clear again.

Pros & Cons


I have spent some more minutes to wrap the whole thing up to a short Pros & Cons. You might want to jot it down for the next time you go shopping for a camping tent!

1. Pros

  • This guy is an instant setup tent with pre-attached poles, which means it takes you literally no time to get your tent ready on the trip!
  • You can fit up to eleven adults into the roomy cabin consist of 2 rooms and one additional private room.
  • You can also fit three queen-size air mattresses inside this tent if you’re going with a smaller group!
  • thumbs-up
    There is an awning and rainfly attachment for extra protection against outside weather: harsh sun, cold breeze, and wind.
  • thumbs-up
    Two external entrances are pretty secured, and those mesh windows are well-ventilated, which makes the tent itself very fresh and livable.
  • thumbs-up
    There is an electric port at lower the corner of the tent, right next to the entrance if you want to have some electronic devices inside the tent. Just put the cords through that hole.
  • thumbs-up
    You can use the storage pockets on the tent’s wall to store accessories or electrical cords when you’re not using them.

2. Cons

  • At about 40 pounds, this tent is massive and such a challenge to carry around for a small camping group.
  • It does not do well in extreme downpour and harsh weather conditions, either.
  • There is no floor ventilation, so it might feel muggy inside.
  • thumbs-down
    The door zippers work well but still need to be handled cautiously.

Best Alternatives

The Gazelle 26800 is a great, smaller alternative for this Ozark Trail. If you usually go in a group of about four or five people, this house-like tent might be the best fit for you.

This Coleman has two possible versions for a large group: a 6-person and a 10-person dark room if you want to choose.

Core 9, as its name says, it could fit up to nine people inside, just slightly smaller than the Ozark Trail or Gazelle above. It’s also a great choice if you considering an instant tent at the moment!


That is all I need to say about the Ozark Trail 11-person Instant Cabin With Private Room for the next camping season!

I wish that this review could be somewhat helpful to you. But if you are currently looking for a high-quality instant cabin for a big group of campers, this giant guy is a reasonable choice for you.

Good luck on your next trip.


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