The Best 10 Person Tent That You Need To Get This Year (In 2018)

best 10 person tent

Would you like to go camping with your whole family and or crew without fear of the elements? It’s so hard to pick from all those tents out there but we have a way you can choose with no worries.

We have selected the best 10 person tents that have been tried, tested, reviewed and thoroughly examined before they even joined this list.

The tents have been out in the weather and they have survived it. You can have fun without worries too, with the best 10 person tent for the whole gang.

What To Do When Picking The Right 10 Person Tent

The first thing that everyone should do before they decide to get a 10 person tent would be doing some research on everything that there is to know about that specific tent. That will be able to give you a widened understanding of what you are going to get.

Also, you should have at least a basic understanding of the specifications, the name and the availability of that particular tent. In this way, you will go to buy it knowing exactly what you want. On such matters, a spur of the moment decision could give you a low grade product.

best 10 person tent

1. Design and Appeal

When we were doing our research visiting the stores, reading up about the tents and internalizing what we were taught, something about the tents that we picked jumped out at us. They were really sturdy, very durable and well designed.

These things appealed to our adventurous nature like it does every camping enthusiast. We could take our whole crew and still have space left over. It was clear to us that the best 10 person tents we chose had that one thing in common, they had the camping feel about them and a sense of being reliable.

2. The Difference That Exists From the Other Tents

Tents that can be relied upon to accommodate you and your 9 friends and or family should have a few qualities that will assure you that you are under a safe roof:

  • They need to be made of strong, hard to rip material
  • The design should be perfectly streamlined to beat the weather
  • They have to be waterproof
  • The cables/ropes which hold the tent have to be high end

The tents that we chose gave us what we needed, the fitted right in.

3. How Strong Is That 10 Person Tent?

Everything in the world would very much like to be flaw free but that does not happen, at least not in the real world. The wild, the camping grounds and the concept of sleeping under the stars is an exciting one and we all wish we could have flawless tents.

It is for this reason that we tell you that the tents will need you to be careful not to damage them. Do not go out in winds that are over 40 miles per hour and still expect it not to get ripped. They are sturdy, not indestructible. There is also procedure for raising a tent that you need to know.

4. What Do We Know About These 10 Person Tents

We all know that people will say anything if they want to sell you things and trust me, when we were looking around, we did find that to be true. What we did however was make sure that we did our research first from the websites of the renowned manufacturers.

Suffice to say that we had a list and that was our target. What we present here will be just five best 10 person tents out of the 20+ tents that were shortlisted. When you are looking to try something new, you cannot afford to overlook anything so everything was considered.

What To Do Before You Take The Tents Out

Just as a way of evaluating what we had, we got to learn that some of these products would require testing preparations and other little things that we had no knowledge about. So, before you take out the tents:

  • Make sure that the materials you need to assemble the tent are ready and that you know where to use them.
  • Know how to get the tent up and how to position it properly for the best experience.
  • Carry a tarp to smoothen the ground you’ll place the tent on and extra rope plus pegs for sturdier grounding.
  • Practice how to set up the tent before you leave.

These and other things should be on your itinerary as you decide to take out the tents.

What We Were Looking For

As it is with all the excursions that we take, we were clearly looking for a great tent that would be durable, steady and amazing. So we made a list of what we expected the best 10 person tent to have. The features that we emphasized on included:

  1. The space inside
  2. Privacy dividers
  3. The ease of setting it up
  4. The material that a 10 person tent is made of
  5. How many people liked it and their reviews
  6. Height at the center and the corners
  7. The doors, windows and roof

Those are just a few of the things that we looked at. We factored in the prices, the opinions of the sellers especially those who were offering a wide range of brands. As far as research goes, this was meticulously planned.

A Compilation Of 5 Best 10 Person Tents


At 6.7 feet high in its centre, the Arizona GT which also has a tough polyester taffeta body and fire retardant material takes the cake in the durability sector. With the tough body comes the ability to withstand harsh weathers and be flexible while maintaining stability.


  • The tent is properly ventilated to ensure that you breathe with ease.
  • The poles are an impressive gold plated, nano-flex design that will ensure flexibility in harsh weather and resistance to rusting.
  • The floor is made with no seams and is very tough to tear or puncture.
  • With 2 doors and 3 windows, you can’t ask for a more homely feeling.
  • Most customers who own this tent said that they bought it for the durability and the reliability.


  • When you look at the walls of this tent, you will find that although they are tough polyester, they are thin so that means no winter trips with that tent for you.


It is not called weather master for no reason. With the ability to withstand torrents of rain and fast winds, this tent is the ultimate weather master. It boasts some impressive specifications that will amaze you. For extended camping trips, you can put in everything and still have room left over.


  • The tent has a door that is hinged for ease of entry.
  • It is made of polyester taffeta for durability and imperviousness to rain.
  • The tent is divided into two rooms to give you ample space for everything.
  • The divider is used to separate the tent into two but once taken down; it’s a lot of space.
  • Some reviewers have said that it stayed dry in there for over 24 hours as it rained continuously.


  • The weather master is a master of most elements except the wintry weather as this tent has only one layer which cannot give you the much needed warmth so no winter excursions with this one.

Ozark Trail 10-Person



This cabin sized tent that can be able to hold in it three queen sized mattresses takes second place on our list. With the dimensions at 20 by 10, you will find the spaciousness of it agreeable. Sporting separate entrances, you will enjoy the privacy that you need in there just like home.


  • The tent has six windows and also side doors that will give you the air conditioning effect of a house.
  • The tent comes with a bag that carries all the camping gear that you need.
  • With a ‘ceiling’ height of 6 feet, tall people can stand in there just fine without having to crawl around.
  • With the seams properly taped and the rain fly features, you are dryer than the Sahara when it rains.


  • The sloping ends do not offer a lot of space but can be used to stow away clothes and other stuff.
  • The dividers are not exactly walls, they hook up to the sides and may come off easily.



When you compare the price ranges and what this tent can offer, you will find why it has made the top 5 list. With enough room for a huge family including even pets, you can easily acquire this one on a budget that will make you happy.


  • This tent capitalized on the easy set up and easy dismantling technique aptly named ‘stow ‘n’ go’.
  • 2D Dutch doors will have you in and out of the tent with ease.
  • At about 21 pound in weight, this tent will be easy to carry.
  • Sporting mud mats and fused polythene, you will be able to keep it clean.
  • The roof has huge mesh that will keep you cool even in scorching weather.
  • The rain cover is amazingly removable and can be taken away to enjoy the clear nights weather.


  • The stakes that come with this one are not exactly the strongest, you may want to get some sturdier ones.



This tent that comes with a reflective surface on the inside to give off a glow that illuminates the entire floor space will amaze you before you even take a look at the dividers which separate the tent into three rooms. As far as great goes, the name is well placed in the title.


  • The height of the poles provides more space you can stand in.
  • The tent reflection system provides great lighting using a glowing type of technique.
  • With the zippered windows at the back and on the sides, you will have great ventilation all the time.
  • You can access electricity with the E Port you have extra pre attached ropes that will give you more stability whenever you may need it.
  • It can withstand wind speeds of more than 254 MPH and at 40 MPH, the rain cover will rip.


  • At 18 by 10, you will need a proper sleeping arrangement to fit snugly in the tent. But then again, most of them are this size.

Final Thoughts

We are here at the end of this awesomely interactive and informative article. We had a blast taking this journey through the testing, the questions and the specifications that these tents have. The best 10 person tents that we could find are the ones you see here.

So, just like tradition dictates, there has to be a top tent that carries the cup home and our winner was the Arizona GT Sport Camping Tent. This tent has a very impressive design that blew us away. It had almost everything that we were looking for, mostly durability.

With the gold plated poles that are made to be flexible, the nano-flex design that offers stability and assurance, this tent has what it takes to be around for long and serve your needs exceptionally.

I’m Luna and I’m a hiking enthusiast. I want to give useful pieces of advice about traveling and outdoor activities through practical tips. Plan and go, nothing can stop you from exploring the world.


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