Backpacking is a dreamy hobby that many of us want to take on, but often, we start it late and make a lot of mistakes. At first, no one thinks that they may be suck at traveling because it sounds so simple and fool-proof. But, you will see things that you supposed to be right is actually wrong while moving around.

The first time I tried backpacking alone, it was a total disaster. I packed too much, I planned too much, and everything goes downward. It’s not that I didn’t have any fun on the trip, but it will be much better if someone told me what to do and what to avoid before my departure.

The truth is, making mistakes is nothing embarrassing, but failing many times may cause you lose interest in the hobby gradually, then give up. So, to avoid following the same path of failure people have created, why don’t you take a careful look here and see if what you are doing is right or wrong?


Youtube channel: Homemade Wanderlust



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