Are you stunned by the idea of solo backpacking? Think about traveling around with only yourself, enjoying the beautiful scenery of new destination, experiencing new things that you cannot see by pampering yourself on the couch. But, backpacking alone can be put you in troubles, even dangers, if you don’t prepare carefully ahead.

With the wonderful experience from years of traveling around the world, the specialist will give us some valuable advice which you can use while preparing for your next trip. What will you do if your phone loses its signal?

If you get lost, involve in a quarrel with local residents, or worse, get an accident? Who knows what disaster can take place? So, it’s appreciated to know that we won’t cope with something unexpected and unpleasant on the way!

The video offers you only 05 tips, which must be easy to remember. Let’s see what the lovely guy will show us this time, shall we?


Youtube channel: Mountain Venture



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