Best Wheeled Coolers 2024 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide!

best wheeled coolers

Summer is here, and it’s time to reward yourself with fun-filled holidays you deserve. Many people choose to enjoy the summer vibes by the beach while others choose to go camping or trekking. While summer is a fantastic time to go outdoors and have fun, carrying your favorite beverage cans and bottles around and keep them cool can be a real nuisance.

The good news is, wheeled coolers are readily available to fix your problem. By finding the best wheeled cooler out there, you will no longer have to worry about running out of cool beers and snacks for your trip.

There are tons of wheeled coolers on the market, but we have narrowed them down to the six best wheeled coolers below with detailed reviews plus a complete buyer’s guide for your easy reference.

Why Should You Choose A Wheeled Cooler?

best wheeled coolers

If you are a frequent camper or hiker, then you may have known the importance of having a cooler to carry your drinks around during summertime. A cooler helps keep your drinks and food cold and fresh for a certain period of time, and who doesn’t want to enjoy cool beverages on a long hot summer day anyway?

But a cooler is much more useful than that. It can be used for tailgating parties, picnics or family events where foods and drinks and ice should be fresh and ready to be served.

But one major drawback of a traditional cooler is that it’s not possible to move around. That’s why coolers with wheels are manufactured to make things easy for all of us.

Being able to choose the best cooler with wheels will be one of the best investments you will ever make. Why? Because the best cooler with wheels allow you to enjoy yourselves without having to worry about your foods and drinks getting ruined under the weather.

Just think about how cool it is to be able to have a mini fridge with you during your trip, and you’ll see what we mean. So, the question is, how do you choose the best wheeled cooler?

How To Choose The Best Wheeled Coolers

Finding a decent wheeled cooler is not difficult at all, as long as you consider the factors below. The best wheeled cooler isn’t necessarily the most expensive or the biggest one, and depending on each and everyone’s need, what’s best for me does not always work for you and vice versa. But there are a few pointers you should bear in mind before you buy.

1. Capacity

Capacity here refers to the maximum storage amount of the wheeled cooler. Wheeled coolers come in many different sizes and volumes, and you must determine which size works best for you.

Some small-sized wheeled coolers can hold up to 16 beverage cans only, which is very modest in comparison to other wheeled coolers that can hold up to more than 100 beverage cans. So figure out how much you wish your cooler be able to carry and choose accordingly.

2. Size & Weight

Another point that is worth considering is the measurement and the weight of the cooler. Will it fit into the back of your truck? Will you be able to lift or pick up the cooler when it’s full? It’s wise to check these measurements beforehand to make sure you get the right one.

3. Handle & Wheel

The height and style of the cooler’s handle and wheels should not be overlooked, either. The handle will determine how you are going to roll the cooler, and some coolers offer really solid handles while others offer flimsy ones.

Additionally, you should check if the cooler has any side handle for easy lifting or pick up, as a full cooler can be extremely heavy to move without additional side handles.

The wheels are equally important. With well-built wheels, you can easily move your wheeled coolers at ease over different terrains, even the most challenging ones. Check to see if the wheels are strongly built and connected to the cooler body.

You would not want a cooler whose wheels break away from the cooler on your first try, would you? The bigger the wheels, the more portable and efficient the cooler will be.

Our Top Picks

Wheeled Cooler Comparison Table

Wheeled Cooler Reviews

*** Below is the list of top 10 Best Wheeled Coolers that I highly recommend you to buy. Please read carefully each product’s review to know which model suits you best.

#1. Coleman 16-Quart Personal Wheeled Cooler

If you are looking for an easy-to-handle yet efficient compact cooler with wheels, then the Coleman 16-quart personal wheeled cooler is a smart choice. When you first look at the Coleman wheeled cooler, it looks just like your carry-on luggage with a telescoping handle and heavy-duty rolling wheels that work on most terrains.

Made from polyethylene, the cooler includes large molded side handles for convenient transport and lifting. With the Coleman Wheeled cooler, your drinks will stay cool up to 2 days.

With its compact design and a capacity of 16-quart that can store roughly 22 cans of drinks, this wheeled cooler is an awesome choice for a short romantic camping trip for a couple or a small-group get-together.


  • The cooler offers heavy-duty smooth rolling wheels that make transportation across different terrains a lot easier
  • Despite its compact design, the capacity of the cooler is quite formidable (up to 22 cans)
  • The size is perfect for a quick getaway
  • thumbs-up
    The adjustable high handle works smoothly
  • thumbs-up
    This compact cooler is highly recommended for older people or those who can’t lift or carry heavier coolers


  • There is no additional handle apart from the telescoping handle and the molded side nubs, which limits the way the cooler can be carried or loaded in and out of vehicles
  • It is not possible to lock the handle in place, which can be quite inconvenient

#2. Igloo Maxcold Ultra Roller Cooler

In case the cooling capacity of the Coleman Wheeled Cooler still falls short of your expectation, don’t worry, we’ve got another fantastic wheeled cooler for you. Summer won’t be as hot with this Igloo Maxcold Ultra Roller Cooler, whose cooling performance is quite impressive.

This cooler includes an extra lid and body insulation. Therefore, it can keep your drinks cool for up to 5 days. The cooler also includes comfort grip handles and smooth sports wheels for easy transportation.


  • The cooler is incredibly sturdy and durable
  • The wheels are wide and can roll across different terrains well
  • The cooler includes side handles for easier lifting and carrying around
  • thumbs-up
    The cooler can cool off drinks up to 5 days in a row


  • There is no drainage outlet to get rid of water from the melting ice
  • The cooler is a mid-sized one, but only has a capacity of 40 quart
  • Hinges are not as durable as other parts of the cooler
  • thumbs-down
    The cooling power is not as good as it claims to be under the hot weather

#3. Coleman Xtreme Series Wheeled Cooler, 50 Quart

If you are a fan of Coleman coolers but are not happy with the storage capacity of the Coleman personal wheeled cooler, why not upgrading to this Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme series wheeled cooler? This amazing cooler can hold up to 84 cans of drinks, which is perfect for a picnic or a camping trip with a large group of people or tailgating parties.

Regarding design, the Coleman Xtreme Series Cooler resembles the Coleman Personal Wheeled Cooler in quite a few ways. It features a long, telescopic handle and heavy-duty rolling wheels.

Plus, it offers extra insulation through its lid and walls, which claims to keep everything cool and prevent your ice from melting for up to 5 days. Better yet, the cooler has four cup holders molded into the lid for better access to drinks and stuff. What else can you ask for?


  • The cooler is a great value for the price, with a fantastic refrigerating power of up to 5 days
  • The cooler is well-built with a solid handle and a positive seal
  • The lid is very secure, which prevent spillage and ice melting
  • thumbs-up
    The cooler includes a drain plug to drain out water


  • The handle can’t be locked in a certain position, resulting in it sliding up and down when pulled
  • The cooler itself is different to carry or pick up especially when filled due to the lack of handles and the bulky size
  • The drain plug is placed a bit too high to drain all of the water out

#4. Coleman 62 qt. Xtreme Cooler

When it comes to constructing wheeled coolers, Coleman is indeed a reputable brand in the market. We’ve got another wheeled cooler from Coleman here for you, and unlike the previous one, this cooler offers far more storage capacity at the same formidable cooling power. Yes, it’s none other than the Coleman 62 quart Xtreme Cooler.

Instead of a telescopic pulling handle, the Coleman 62 quart one includes an easy-grasp tow handle for a firmer grip and hold. This stunning cooler can hold up to 85 beverage cans with ice at a time, which will surely please a crowd of people at a camping or a picnic event.

The wheels are claimed to be able to conquer any terrains while the cooler is claimed to be able to store ice for up to 5 days, even under warm weather.


  • The cooler is delivering what it promises to do: keeping drinks and even cold for 5 days consecutively
  • The storage capacity is perfect for a large-group event
  • The cooler is made from durable materials
  • thumbs-up
    There’s a self-draining plug to remove leftover water from the cooler


  • There is no replacement for malfunction parts
  • Hinges are a bit flimsy
  • The self-draining plug can be insecure, which leads to leakage

#5. Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler with Wheels

For those who are looking for an actual heavy duty wheeled cooler that has the massive holding capacity, look no further than this Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5-day Wheeled Cooler. As part of the Xtreme series wheeled cooler, this Coleman wheeled cooler is not substantially different from the previous models.

However, what’s worth highlighting is its admirable storage capacity (100 quart – equivalent to up to 160 cans of drinks) and its strong insulation performance.

The Coleman 100-Quart heavy-duty wheeled cooler is said to be able to refrigerate beverages and ice up to 5 days, which is great but not surprising considering other fellow Coleman coolers.

But this giant cooler is improved with odor-resistant features, a leak-resistant channel and a stainless steel spring lid strap lock that keeps the lid secured in place. Another improvement includes additional comfort-grip swing handles for easy carrying and transport.


  • The cooler offers spacious space and enormous storing power (160 cans of drinks)
  • The cooler is enhanced with lots of improved features: odor-resistance, leak resistance and additional handles for higher convenience
  • The lid is secure and strong enough to act as a seat for you to sit on


  • The cooler requires physical strength to move and carry around. Thus, it is not suitable for older or small people
  • The lid is prone to get warped and not fully closed without having to invert the hinge

#6. Igloo TrailmateLiddup Wheeled Lighted Cooler

The last one on our list is a product from Igloo – the TrailmateLiddup Wheeled Lighted Cooler. This big guy is a heavy-duty wheeled cooler equipped with numerous high-end features: powerful oversized wheels, a glide handle, a removable butler tray and internal LED lights to be used when it’s dark.

With the Igloo TrailmateLiddup Wheeled Lighted Cooler, you can rest assured that your cooler will last for a long time even after extensive use. The cooler can hold up to 112 cans of drinks while keeping them cold for a very long period of time.

The manufacturer is considerate enough to include key and phone compartments plus bottle openers. The oversized wheels allow this cooler to travel anywhere and across any terrain, no matter how challenging, from the sandy beach to the grassy field, and even camping in the rain won’t be an issue with this awesome cooler.


  • The cooler is made from premium durable materials: stainless steel and aluminum, including rust-resistant screws
  • The internal LED lights allow contents to be visible in the dark
  • The cooler can be moved across any terrain
  • thumbs-up
    The cooler offers a lot of add-on features: translucent food basket, bottle openers, and mobile device stand
  • thumbs-up
    The cooler is enhanced with the Ultratherm technology that keeps drinks and foods cold for a long time


  • The cooler is more expensive than other wheeled coolers of the same storage capacity
  • The battery cover can fall off or get broken easily
  • The cooler is comparably large and bulky and heavy to carry around

Final Thoughts

A cooler with wheels is a fantastic travel gear that you would not want to miss when you go camping or plan a picnic with friends or family in summer. A wheeled cooler offers portability, efficiency and beverage treat right at your fingertips, so we highly recommend you buy one for your next summer trip or tailgating event. In my opinion, the Coleman 62 qt. Xtreme Cooler may be the best choice.

The buying guide and reviews above serve as a reference for you to choose the best wheeled coolers right now on the market and feel free to select the one that suits your need the most.

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